And wine. Wine would be good.
Fri Mar 2, 2018 20:25

“Thank you,” Selina said, deciding to take what Grayson had said as a compliment. When that sort of remark came from children, it usually meant that they hadn’t considered their teachers might be real human people and not beings that had simply morphed into existence for their convenience, and then who melted away when no longer in use, like the MARS room, or went back into their little boxes at the end of the day. From a fellow adult, however young a one, she thought it was more likely to be a compliment, and Selina was someone who had taken a great deal of care of her appearance. For all that the lotions and potions could not make her actually look young any more, she did look good for her age.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure when I was your age, I spent all my time bemoaning how old I felt. And all the years in between. And I’m sure that, somewhere down the line, when I’m teaching the grandchildren of the first children I taught, I’ll look back at this and wonder what I was complaining about. I think it might just be human nature. Well, maybe a certain set of us anyway… I don’t recommend it though, it you can at all help it.

“Maybe,” she nodded, when he said it might be Pecari too. Lily seemed to be a not-so-casual bystander rather than actually doing any of these things herself but… Lily and Jozua teaming up to cause chaos… Didn’t exactly sound like an unreasonable suggestion. “Guess we just all need to keep an eye out,” she shrugged. “Maybe have their heads of houses have a firm word if it carries on.”

  • Excellent. I’ll gather the cavalry. - Gray, Fri Feb 23 20:10
    It took Gray a moment to catch the implication in what Selina was saying, and then he looked surprised. Due to his glasses and none-too-distinguished chin, he knew this was an absurd look on him.... more
    • And wine. Wine would be good. - Selina, Fri Mar 2 20:25
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