It's good to be prepared
Sat Mar 3, 2018 09:27

“Maybe,” she reiterated, when Zevalyn said she should ask Kir. “I think I’ll keep thinking about it for a bit…” she shrugged. Ok, so that was a bad plan in that all the available guys could get snapped up but it had the distinct advantage of not actually having to do anything right now. Procrastinating and avoiding unpleasant tasks were solidly in her skill set.

“Oh, that’s cool,” she grinned, when Zev said she might finally be able to go home. “I’ll definitely try,” she nodded about shopping. It would be fun to have some help, and some moral support. It would have been better if Zev wasn’t quite so skinny and gorgeous and bound to suit absolutely everything - or, if they were making wishes, that she, Georgia, was too - but she knew her best friend would be a good shopping buddy. She thought she’d actually believe her if she promised she looked good, because Zev probably didn’t want to see her looking stupid in front of everyone. Her mom always tried to tell her she looked nice in stuff but she always said it, even when Georgia was full on aware she looked like garbage, and she just couldn’t believe her. “I mean… like, it’s pretty easy with wizard transport, so then it’s just like… going out for the day. And my parents let me do that, so it shouldn’t be a problem. It’ll probably be easier the week I’m at my mom’s cos my dad doesn’t really have wizard stuff in his house, though I’m sure I could like… look up the nearest public floo station if I had to come from his. Are you on it, or do you use public?

“Like prom, and like… Well, you know how the clique girls are in high school dramas. The money some of these girls have to spend on dresses is ridiculous.”

  • OOC: Okay, that's fine. BIC: Zevalyn laughed at Georgia's joke not to make her mad. "Well, no," she agreed that she had no intention of 'going nuclear' on anyone, "but it is good practice, and I'll... more
    • It's good to be prepared - Georgia, Sat Mar 3 09:27
      • I’m a proper girl scout over here - Zevalyn, Wed Mar 14 11:31
        “Okay,” Zevalyn agreed, not pushing Georgia since she didn’t seem willing to try asking anyone out yet. “There’s still time,” she reassured, as much for herself as for Georgia. She’d been in ‘as... more
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