Nathan Xavier
I could use a good warm soak...
Thu Mar 8, 2018 13:34

By and large, Nathan enjoyed being Head of Teppenpaw. Overall, he’d say he had good kids. Raine had some academic trouble, but she tried her best and even managed to pull an A in his class. Joe had that one incident with punching the Headmaster, which was terribly unfortunate but the sixth year didn’t generally have a problem with violence so Nathan had ticked that off as an anomaly.

This year on the other hand, this year was trying him. First there was Cleo and the inquest that came from learning about that. That had been distressing on multiple levels.

And then Jozua went crazy (which was probably not related) with at least two spectacular displays in his classes and reports of skipping many others. Nathan had tried to have a word with him about it, but he’d gotten defensive and Nathan hadn’t pressed it at that time, thinking there was maybe something psychological at the root of it, and maybe he just needed some space and a chance to realize he maybe needed to talk to someone and Nathan was a good guy he could trust who wouldn’t push him too soon. So far that hadn’t worked out, even after Nathan gave him an extra sick day the Healer said he didn’t really need. But the extra day off seemed to have helped, and he hadn’t heard of any problems with Jozua since then. So fingers crossed that was maybe solved? Though he wasn't sure he was that lucky this year.

Then there was the trouble maker who had picked on Georgia and used Joe’s teacup to do it; and Gray had mentioned to him that Nathaniel deserved a little extra watching over in class; and then there was the fever that had hit a couple Teppenpaws and was probably spreading through the House even now; and then there were just little pockets of strangeness here and there, certainly not limited to his own House members but Teppenpaws did seem to be at the heart of many of the oddities. It almost made him think the prankster might be from his House, except he couldn’t imagine any of them, even Jozua, doing all of the things attributed to the miscreant. Though, if he had to peg a suspect, the dueling club president did probably feature pretty highly on that list.

So right now he was sitting in the staff lounge, rubbing his head, staring at the ceiling, and taking a break from the year’s trials and peculiarities. He sat up and abandoned his self-administered temple massage as the door opened and another staff member entered.

“What do you think about installing a -“ Nathan stopped speaking abruptly as the side of the lounge opposite the coffee pot, sink, and counter expanded out to make a steaming little hot spring. Had this been MARS, Nathan would have thought nothing of his imaginings coming to life in front of him but this wasn’t MARS, this was the staff lounge. He blinked at the inviting little pool without comprehension, not understanding how it had come to exist here.

“I’m not imagining that, right?” he questioned. “Because I was just thinking I could use a nice warm soak.”

    • Tea. Need tea. - Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sun Mar 18 00:49
      Today was not going to be a good day. Today was already very bad and wrong in all sorts of ways. He had not been woken up by the voice of their alarm clock, which, for all it used a gentle but firm... more
      • I need a vacation - Nathan, Tue Mar 20 10:31
        Tarquin saw it to. That was . . . good? It meant he wasn’t seeing things anyway, so that was definitely good. But it did mean there was now a hot spring in the staff lounge. Which was . . . also... more
        • Don't think too hard about that... - Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Wed Mar 21 08:21
          The fact that Teppenpaw seemed to be getting the worst of it didn’t do much to dispel his suspicions that he was likely to get it too. Admittedly he doubted either of his Teppenpaws had skipped... more
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