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I’m a proper girl scout over here
Wed Mar 14, 2018 11:31

“Okay,” Zevalyn agreed, not pushing Georgia since she didn’t seem willing to try asking anyone out yet. “There’s still time,” she reassured, as much for herself as for Georgia. She’d been in ‘as quickly as possible’ mode for so long it was sometimes hard to remember not everything had to be done last week.

“Great!” she enthused in genuine excitement when Georgia said she could probably come shopping with her. Shopping was much more fun with friends and Georgia knew how formal was formal enough for this dance, so Zevalyn didn’t make the same mistake her friend apparently had last time. “I don’t have a floo connection, but my neighbors do. Amber’s mom was my muggleborn liaison after I got an arrest warrant put out on my first one.” Zev grinned in embarrassed hindsight. “Amber’s our age; she’s a squib and she did her best to slowly introduce me to magic while I was in denial. If you don’t mind her coming along, I’d like you two to meet. And she’s really fashionable now, so she could help us find stuff that looks awesome. She’d probably like being part of something wizardly. I think she feels left out and abandoned since I came here,” Zevalyn grimaced regretfully though aside from writing more often, which wasn’t what Amber really wanted anyway, and might even have made things worse by fanning the jealousy, there wasn’t anything Zev could have done to improve the situation.

“Do you have any friends from home you keep up with? Or have you been drifting apart from them, too? I mean, Amber’s kind of in the opposite boat - she was born surrounded by magic and then had to learn to be a muggle, so she at least kind of knows what I’m getting into, but she’s moving away from it while I’m moving into it, and it’s hard.”

  • It's good to be prepared - Georgia, Sat Mar 3 09:27
    “Maybe,” she reiterated, when Zevalyn said she should ask Kir. “I think I’ll keep thinking about it for a bit…” she shrugged. Ok, so that was a bad plan in that all the available guys could get... more
    • I’m a proper girl scout over here - Zevalyn, Wed Mar 14 11:31
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