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Tarquin Fox-Reynolds
Tea. Need tea.
Sun Mar 18, 2018 00:49

Today was not going to be a good day. Today was already very bad and wrong in all sorts of ways. He had not been woken up by the voice of their alarm clock, which, for all it used a gentle but firm tone to try to convince him it was time to get up was still one of his least favourite noises in the world, and which he usually then shhed and drifted back off whilst Danny went downstairs, nor had he had his second, much more pleasant wake up call, of his husband bringing him tea (Danny was baffling cheerful and exuberant at ungodly hours of the day and, whilst this was a constant source of confusion to Tarquin, and more than occasionally irritating, it worked out mostly in his favour, in that he got brought tea in bed almost every day). This morning he had been awoken, just before the alarm was due to go off, by Danny waking up, complaining of feeling ill. He had looked it too, pale and clammy, and had a raging fever. Tarquin had dosed him up with fever-be-gone potion, and then it had been time to get up anyway, and he’d had to go and make his own tea, at which point the morning had got even worse because the cups had not behaved as they ought. On returning to their room he had enquired why their crockery had suddenly started whistling the refrain ‘Turn Around Bright Eyes’ from ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart.’ The Danny shaped lump in the duvet had shrugged, explained that it had started the previous day but he hadn’t bothered trying to fix it because he thought it was kind of fun. Tarquin wasn’t going to yell at his husband whilst he was ill but he vehemently disagreed with this assessment, did not think tea making equipment should be treated with such levity, and now had had Bonnie Tyler stuck in his head all morning. He firmly hoped that both his husband and his kitchen equipment would be back to their usual selves by the time he returned home. He didn’t like Danny being sick. For all that he complained about his strange over-cheerfulness, he missed it like hell when it was gone. Danny being all tired and quiet just wasn’t right, and he also felt guilty that he wasn’t able to stay home and look after him.

In all the commotion of the morning, he’d forgotten that he was running low on teabags at school. He had eked out the one remaining Earl Grey bag as far as it would go. He did not really approve of reusing teabags but he had felt desperate. However, it was now getting beyond pathetic, and so he was forced to venture to the staff room in search of further supplies. He had thought about going to see Sophie, his newly acquired tea drinking friend, but she was teaching, and he thought he might stab someone if he had to wait an hour for more tea.

He walked into the staff room, Oscar Wilde quotation mug in hand, and… stopped. A wall had just dissolved and been replaced with a hot spring.

“I see it,” he confirmed, glad to find that his first thought (that he was hallucinating, either due to lack of tea, or due to having caught whatever Danny had), was not accurate.

“I need tea,” he explained, going to rummage in the cupboard before attempting any further interaction or analysis of the situation. There was a good chance that Nathan would think him either cranky or socially awkward over this abruptness but he didn’t care, especially as neither would be entirely inaccurate. Once he had found what he was looking for and filled his mug using the boiling water charm, he surveyed the hot spring again, catching sight of the notice board that was now just behind it. It seemed like he was to be beleaguered by germs from all sides. “Have you got this virus thing that’s going round?” he asked, taking a seat opposite Nathan. “Maybe you should just go see Ms. Kapoor if you’re not feeling great,” he suggested. It did seem to suggest that Teppenpaw was rather a hot spot for the germs.

  • I could use a good warm soak... - Nathan Xavier, Thu Mar 8 13:34
    By and large, Nathan enjoyed being Head of Teppenpaw. Overall, he’d say he had good kids. Raine had some academic trouble, but she tried her best and even managed to pull an A in his class. Joe had... more
    • Tea. Need tea. - Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sun Mar 18 00:49
      • I need a vacation - Nathan, Tue Mar 20 10:31
        Tarquin saw it to. That was . . . good? It meant he wasn’t seeing things anyway, so that was definitely good. But it did mean there was now a hot spring in the staff lounge. Which was . . . also... more
        • Don't think too hard about that... - Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Wed Mar 21 08:21
          The fact that Teppenpaw seemed to be getting the worst of it didn’t do much to dispel his suspicions that he was likely to get it too. Admittedly he doubted either of his Teppenpaws had skipped... more
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