I need a vacation
Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:31

Tarquin saw it to. That was . . . good? It meant he wasn’t seeing things anyway, so that was definitely good. But it did mean there was now a hot spring in the staff lounge. Which was . . . also good? Nathan liked hot springs, and many things could be improved by adding one, especially if they didn’t smell like sulfur, and this one didn’t. But they weren’t really supposed to be here, and he kind of felt like it might somehow be his fault that this one was so that was . . . less good.

While he contemplated these relative merits of the sudden and unexpected addition to the lounge, Tarquin just walked past him to get tea. Nathan barely noticed. He was still too busy being baffled by the hot spring and it’s confirmed existence. He was a little confused that Tarquin wasn’t next to him, keeping him company in his gawping, but then Tarquin probably hadn’t been wishing for a hot spring just before one inexplicably appeared.

“Wha- oh.” The fever. Nathan tried to stop staring at his spring and focus on what his colleague was saying. “No, not yet, but I expect I will eventually. It’s hit a few Teppenpaws already, including one I’d had to talk to in my office for skipping classes just before he got sick.”

His eye was drawn back to the hot spring- because there was a hot spring in the staff room, how could anyone stop noticing it? - “I just needed a break and a chance to relax a bit. But,” he stopped, not quite sure where he was going with that line of thought. “Have there been weird things happening around you this year?”

“I mean,” he gestured toward the hot spring, “not necessarily this weird, but anything more than the usual run of the mill school year weirdness. And did any of them seem almost like they could have been your fault, even if you didn’t intend for them to actually happen?”

  • Tea. Need tea. - Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sun Mar 18 00:49
    Today was not going to be a good day. Today was already very bad and wrong in all sorts of ways. He had not been woken up by the voice of their alarm clock, which, for all it used a gentle but firm... more
    • I need a vacation - Nathan, Tue Mar 20 10:31
      • Don't think too hard about that... - Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Wed Mar 21 08:21
        The fact that Teppenpaw seemed to be getting the worst of it didn’t do much to dispel his suspicions that he was likely to get it too. Admittedly he doubted either of his Teppenpaws had skipped... more
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