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Tarquin Fox-Reynolds
Don't think too hard about that...
Wed Mar 21, 2018 08:21

The fact that Teppenpaw seemed to be getting the worst of it didn’t do much to dispel his suspicions that he was likely to get it too. Admittedly he doubted either of his Teppenpaws had skipped class, they didn’t seem the sort at all, but he had had more contact with them as a group than any other house. Which was rather unusual. He was normally very much an Aladren man, but between Dorian being a diligent library monitor and being an excessively frequent visitor and check-outer of very good book choices, and Kir bringing him pamphlets, he’d had quite a lot of very pleasant conversations with Teppenpaws this year.

He pondered for a moment as Nathan asked him whether unusual things had happened to him that year. He suspected he didn’t quite mean ‘having pleasant social interactions with students’ even though Tarquin regarded it as falling under that category.

“I can’t say they have,” he said apologetically, when he couldn’t really commiserate with Nathan over the strange occurances. “I mean, slightly strange, yes. In that my cups were singing eighties power ballads this morning. But of the two people who live in my house, I know which one I blame for that and it definitely isn’t me.

“I mean…. It is weird that you were thinking it and it happened. It’s weird that it happened at all,” he added, appraising the spring. “Do you think we ought to… try to do something about it? I mean… it’s not like it’s hurting anyone. But it… isn’t right.”

  • I need a vacation - Nathan, Tue Mar 20 10:31
    Tarquin saw it to. That was . . . good? It meant he wasn’t seeing things anyway, so that was definitely good. But it did mean there was now a hot spring in the staff lounge. Which was . . . also... more
    • Don't think too hard about that... - Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Wed Mar 21 08:21
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