Daniel Nash
Staff Meeting: Accidental Magic Epidemic
Wed Mar 28, 2018 11:49

During his lunch break, Daniel had owled both Headmaster Brockert and Deputy Headmistress Skies, informing them that he had come up with a new theory on the discipline problems that had been rampant this year, and that he would like to discuss it with them that evening.

The owl he got in return was an invitation to a full out staff meeting that evening, which gave him a mild panic attack at first, but the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. He felt confident enough in his conclusions that he didn’t feel like the additional audience offered anything but more opportunities to prove them right.

While he tended to be a stickler for exact punctuality as being early was a waste of his time and being late was a waste of everyone else’s time, he did arrive early tonight. This was in part because he was already staying past when he normally left the school grounds for the night and he therefore had nothing better to do, and in part because he was expecting to need to make as speech and it helped him to mentally prepare to run through it in the same space where he would make it.

Sure enough, once Selina started things off, she soon turned the floor over to Daniel to make his case and explain his theories. “Headmaster, Deputy Headmistress, fellow staff” he greeted, erring on the side of formality since he’d had the gall to request a meeting that hadn’t been on any of their schedules at the beginning of the day, and he hoped the extra measure of respect would ease any resentment they might have on the imposition on their time by a junior staff person who wasn’t even supposed to be permanent.

“I wanted to bring something to your attention as it seems relevant to some of the problems we have been experiencing this year. I think what we have been attributing to a small band of pranksters is something actually much more serious. I think we have an epidemic of accidental magic on our hands, and it’s not just affecting the students.” He gave a pointed look at the staff room wall that had temporarily been replaced with a hot spring. He wasn’t too surprised when Nathan Xavier shifted guiltily at that (he hadn’t known who exactly had done that bit of renovation, but he’d been pretty sure it wasn’t a student).

“This weekend, I turned my sister’s television into a bookcase by accident,” he finished, figuring this was pretty solid proof in and of itself that something unusual was happening to them. “Mr. Xavier, were you responsible for accidentally making the hot spring in here?”

“Erm, maybe?” the Herbology professor admitted uncomfortably, obviously hating the attention and the implication of his own lack of magical control.

“It’s not your fault,” Daniel told him. “I theorize we have something at Sonora that is affecting us and causing accidental magic outbursts. I spent some time in the library today, and found there is a flea like creature that can cause this kind of effect. It’s not native to Arizona but someone might have tracked one in somehow. Or there are several curses and potions that can cause a lack of magical control. I don’t think it’s the potion unless we are deliberately being poisoned, which seems unlikely, but some particularly advanced curses can be contagious under the right circumstances.”

Daniel (intentionally) conjured up a small blackboard and began writing names. “These are the people I am pretty sure have been affected.” He wrote ‘Jozua Sparks’ and underlined the name twice. “He’s the first one to display symptoms so far as I know. He flat out told me his magic was out of control. That was initially attributed to hormones and lack of focus, but in retrospect, I don’t think that was the case.”

He added Nathaniel Mordue’s name under Jozua’s and explained, “he accidentally sucker punched another student with magic during the dueling unit, without casting any kind of spell other than the nasal mucus curse he was supposed to be using, which should not have been harmful.” He continued with Nathan Xavier’s name, saying, “the hot spring,” and finally completed this list with his own Daniel Nash. “I transfigured a television, and my eggs cooked themselves for me today. There is nobody else I can blame that on. I was the only one in my apartment. I didn’t do it consciously, and I’m a fully trained adult wizard, not a untrained child or a hormonal teenager. I was running marginally late, but not enough to cause the kind of anxiety that might trigger an accidental magic event in children, nevermind an adult. There is something more going on here.”

He looked around the staff table, chalk at the ready, certain this wasn’t the end of it. “Does anyone know anybody else who has done something that is best explained by accidental magic? And do we know of anything linking these people together?”

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