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Aisha Kapoor
Another one bites the dust
Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:26

Aisha got up from her seat, moving around the outside of the semi-circle, to where Grayson was seated, rubbing his eyes.

“Hey, let’s have a look at you,” she said softly to get his attention, placing the back of her hand against his forehead when he looked up, confirming what was obvious from the way he was huddled over - he was not well.

“I take it he’s excused?” she asked the more senior staff, receiving a nod from the Deputy Headmistress.

“Could be unrelated,” she added in response to Sophie’s comment. “I should be back soon, but in case I’m not, I’d still appreciate an eye being kept on those-” she blinked at the gap on the board but it was not her main concern right now, “those kids, even if you decide something else is more likely. It’d be nice to catch them before they’re hitting the hundreds. And look after yourselves. If you start to feel at all ill, just come and see me.

“Come on then,” she instructed Grayson. Once they were out in the corridor, she checked with him, “You room here at school? If so, you can stay in your own bed instead of the hospital wing. Lead the way.”

  • I think I'm reading "S.O.S." - Isis Carter, Fri Mar 30 11:06
    Isis didn’t mind staff meetings in previous years. After the rather eventful start of term they’d had this year, however, there was a solid possibility of a radical change of opinion. Fairly... more
    • Another one bites the dust - Aisha Kapoor, Fri Mar 30 11:26
      • Had Gray been in slightly different circumstances, a woman checking his temperature by putting an unsolicited hand on his head and generally acting as though inclined to take charge of him would have ... more
        • This is literally my job - Aisha Kapoor, Fri Apr 6 09:38
          “I’m sure they’ll realise. I think they get the idea, anyway,” she assured him, when he started worrying about the board. She wasn’t going to stick her head back into the meeting to add that. “And if ... more
          • Re: This is literally my job - Gray, Tue Apr 10 07:57
            “I don’t think that was me,” said Gray when Aisha confirmed he had, in fact, seen what he’d thought he’d seen in there. He managed a half smile. “I guess you don’t have to worry about job security... more
            • Sleep well - Aisha, Tue Apr 10 10:15
              “Indeed. And here was me worrying I might be bored,” she agreed, when Grayson made a remark about job security. Ok, in truth she was getting slightly bored. It wasn’t like there was a huge variation... more
      • Adding further evidence - Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sat Mar 31 07:01
        Tarquin wasn’t especially pleased by the idea of an after work staff meeting. Danny had looked mopey about it when he’d flood home to tell him he’d be late, which meant that they’d be at odds when... more
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