Aisha Kapoor
This is literally my job
Fri Apr 6, 2018 09:38

“I’m sure they’ll realise. I think they get the idea, anyway,” she assured him, when he started worrying about the board. She wasn’t going to stick her head back into the meeting to add that. “And if it wasn’t you, it looks like I might be seeing some of your colleagues soon,” she added.

“It’s better if I come in person,” she informed him, assuming that Gray was just trying to be helpful. She hadn’t really thought about the fact that he might be uncomfortable with having her in his private space because she had her professional hat on, and thus going into people’s rooms and putting people to bed were just things it was normal for her to be doing without any of the strange connotations there might have been if this was just a social interaction. “If you’re not spending the night in the hospital wing, I should set up a couple of wards and things so I can be sure you’re not getting worse rather than better. It doesn’t seem high risk with what’s going round, but better safe than sorry.” She also preferred to administer potions herself in order to be sure her patients actually drank them, although elves weren’t a bad option, given that they tended to struggle with disobeying orders or being untruthful - she expected she could at least make them report back honestly on a patient’s behaviour, even if they couldn’t persuade said patient to behave. Although they could be tricky for people whom they didn’t regard as having authority of them. She would have to check who their loyalty belonged to.

“This way?” she confirmed her guess of which way his quarters lay in order to get him moving, “Any allergies or previous bad reactions to medications?” she asked him.

  • Had Gray been in slightly different circumstances, a woman checking his temperature by putting an unsolicited hand on his head and generally acting as though inclined to take charge of him would have ... more
    • This is literally my job - Aisha Kapoor, Fri Apr 6 09:38
      • Re: This is literally my job - Gray, Tue Apr 10 07:57
        “I don’t think that was me,” said Gray when Aisha confirmed he had, in fact, seen what he’d thought he’d seen in there. He managed a half smile. “I guess you don’t have to worry about job security... more
        • Sleep well - Aisha, Tue Apr 10 10:15
          “Indeed. And here was me worrying I might be bored,” she agreed, when Grayson made a remark about job security. Ok, in truth she was getting slightly bored. It wasn’t like there was a huge variation... more
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