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Selina and Tarquin
Trying not to explode
Sat Apr 7, 2018 23:40

OOC - this is set before the announcement to the students. Originally I wasn’t going to write it out, but then it wanted to be written. Both characters acting in the post are authored by me, and god-modding of Sophie was approved by her author


Selina surveyed the group of staff, minus Sophie O’Malley. The note she’d sent to the rest of the staff had summoned them to a meeting (again). The note she had sent to Sophie had told her to go home quietly and immediately without telling anyone else. Selina knew there were other live out staff members, and that almost everyone probably had had a lot of Christmas plans that were now ruined. But she couldn’t let too many of them off without it looking suspicious, and without crippling their ability to run the school, especially as the virus was now spreading amongst the professors. But Sophie had three small children, and Selina knew she had gone on maternity leave before the end of term last year, but could not remember whether her baby had been born just before Christmas, or just after, but it was possibly its first Christmas, and Selina couldn’t do this to her.

She was not thrilled about doing it to everyone else.

“Hello,” she greeted them all, stony faced. “Thank you all for coming… again. Sophie has gone home sick, so won’t be joining us,” she explained the Potions professor’s absence.

“As you know, I had to inform MACUSA that we have cases of the virus here at school. At present, as they don’t know how to treat it very well, their best attempts at controlling its spread are to try to control and limit the contact between infected people and others. Therefore, they are placing Sonora under quarantine. As of now… No one comes in or goes out.”

“What do you mean?”

It was Tarquin who had spoken. He looked alarmed. Selina wasn’t sure how to answer, because she was pretty sure that Tarquin understood both the word ‘quarantine’ and the very simple words she had then used to explain it. Before she could say anything else, he carried on.

“Selina, I don’t live here.”

“I know… I’m sorry-”

“When is this starting from?”

“From now.”

“Then I need to go home,” he said, getting to his feet.

“I don’t think you understand - it’s-.”

“No, you don’t understand. I have to go home,” he was practically shouting.

She hadn’t expected anyone to take it well of course but there was something about the way he said that that made her worried. She knew Tarquin wasn’t much of a people person, and that whilst being trapped with one’s work colleagues over Christmas was probably most people’s idea of hell, it was definitely really something that would get to him, especially as he wasn’t used to living at school… But he was normally mild mannered. Normally didn’t like to draw attention to himself. And had to go home? What was going on there?

“You can’t,” she told him. And the look on his face, like she had just destroyed something he loved, made her feel awful. “Sit back down?” she suggested.

Couldn’t go home. He couldn’t go home. He felt a feeling of absolute panic- Danny was still mad at him. And he knew he could scream and shout all he wanted but nothing was going to get him back where he needed to be right now. And Selina was asking him to sit back down-

“No… I’m pretty sure I’ve got the virus. And I don’t want to… I don’t know. Throw things at you. Blow up the staff room,” because apparently he was the kind of horrible person who was capable of violence towards others when he was angry, and he didn’t want that on his conscience twice within twenty four hours. He walked out, the door slamming resoundingly behind him.

Selina decided it was best not to try to stop him. He had a point… And although it wasn’t a nice feeling, she wondered how many of the rest of the staff posed a current threat to her.

“I suppose anyone else who feels they’re a danger to me, or to others or the building should excuse themselves too,” she told the rest of the staff.

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