Re: This is literally my job
Tue Apr 10, 2018 07:57

“I don’t think that was me,” said Gray when Aisha confirmed he had, in fact, seen what he’d thought he’d seen in there. He managed a half smile. “I guess you don’t have to worry about job security for a while,” he said, attempting humor and suspecting it fell rather flat. They were not only in a building full of children, who were a rather illness-prone bunch in any case if Gray’s admittedly limited observations were any good, they were, well...witches and wizards. Witches and wizards of all ages had a habit of falling into the hands of healers sooner or later. Medical professionals were unlikely to lack for work for very long at a time if they wanted it.

He tried to remind himself of this and that medical professionals therefore, it followed, had to see worse messes than his books and probably things more pathetic than the relics of his former career on a regular basis. He also reminded himself that it was apparently either worrying about one person’s opinion of him or worrying about whether who knew how many students would ever take him seriously again if he were sequestered in the same sick ward as them….

“Not that I know of,” he said about allergies.

He paused awkwardly outside his door, presenting it with a slight flourish of one hand. “My door, for you to - er - ward however you like,” he said. “As long as you give me something that either makes this clear up or at least knocks me out, I don’t really care what you do to it,” he admitted frankly.

OOC: Permission granted to godmod Gray through the door/take temperatures if you so choose.

  • This is literally my job - Aisha Kapoor, Fri Apr 6 09:38
    “I’m sure they’ll realise. I think they get the idea, anyway,” she assured him, when he started worrying about the board. She wasn’t going to stick her head back into the meeting to add that. “And if ... more
    • Re: This is literally my job - Gray, Tue Apr 10 07:57
      • Sleep well - Aisha, Tue Apr 10 10:15
        “Indeed. And here was me worrying I might be bored,” she agreed, when Grayson made a remark about job security. Ok, in truth she was getting slightly bored. It wasn’t like there was a huge variation... more
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