Mary Brooding
How wonderful!
Fri Jul 27, 2018 16:22

"Tabitha Hawthorne," Mary said, trying out the name. "I like that! My last name is Brooding and I think it's a rather ill fit. That's very kind of you, Tabitha, if love some tea. I was just thinking of it, your timing is impeccable."

She reached for the cup and saucer, enjoying the little bits of magic that made life so much more interesting, and waited while it refilled itself with the dark liquid.

"There's too much to tell about myself for a friendly tea time," Mary replied. "Not quite because I am interesting, but because I'm interested! I've been twice to every continent, particularly to study potion brewing and magic-muggle relations. Muggle studies is my hidden passion, you see. So it isn't that I have a great story to tell, but that I've heard so many wonderful stories that made me become me!"

She thought it all a very serious thing but the expression on Tabitha's face made her giggle. "And I suppose it is a wonderful way to live a life. But I'm older now and feeling a bit creaky. I wanted to settle in and Sonora was my home when I was younger, the least I can do is inspire the next generation!"

Mary was quiet, sipping her tea and reminiscing. She supposed that everyone did this and often forgot that a conversation does not end when one reminisces. "Tell me about yourself," she said hurriedly, not wanting to seem rude. "You have lovely eyes, by the way."

  • Would you like some tea? - Tabitha Hawthorne, Fri Jul 27 09:28
    Tabitha returned Mary's smile with one of her own and held in a laugh at the witch's exuberance and excitement. She quite agreed with Mary. Everything was indeed wonderful here at Sonora, though... more
    • How wonderful! - Mary Brooding, Fri Jul 27 16:22
      • I completely agree. - Tabitha Hawthorne, Fri Jul 27 16:46
        She thought that Mary was quite right. The last name 'Brooding' didn't seem to suit her, given what Tabitha had seen of the woman's personality. Mary didn't seem the type to brood. She seemed far to... more
        • Kindred indeed. - Mary Brooding, Fri Jul 27 17:50
          Mary stifled a giggle, afraid it would make Tabitha feel bad. Few people took compliments well, in Mary's experience, and innocent nervousness was better than some things. Besides, it meant that... more
          • A teacher in more ways than one... - Tabitha Hawthorne, Fri Jul 27 18:43
            Tabitha blinked, suddenly caught rather off-guard from the sudden turn to the ethics of harvesting potion ingredients and how humane one should be. It was a hard question, to be sure, as it was... more
            • or two or three or four! - Mary Brooding, Fri Jul 27 19:10
              Mary was not one to test new people. She didn't like when couples set challenges for each other to see if they were the people they thought they were, or when teachers asked impossible questions to... more
              • I think we're going to be very good friends... - Tabitha Hawthorne, Fri Jul 27 20:02
                If Tabitha was honest with herself and she often was as she didn't believe in lying to herself to make herself feel better, she'd admit that the last few months of her life had been very lonely. She... more
                • That would be good for my heart. - Anonymous, Fri Jul 27 22:12
                  She replied! She had an answer! Here was a witch who had seen the world, and not just lived in it. She was a participant in life, and Mary could settle for nothing less in her friends. The subject of ... more
                  • Time for a feast! - Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Jul 28 06:53
                    "Of course I'll help," Tabitha nodded, offering her services as a classroom cleaner. Her Defence classroom and office hadn't exactly needed a cleaning, just a bit of a dusting so it hadn't taken long ... more
                    • And a friend to eat with - Mary Brooding, Sat Jul 28 11:50
                      Mary was delighted that Tabitha was kind and funny both, as well as smart. There was much more to look forward to with this school year than Mary had anticipated, not least of all the impending... more
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