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I would say it's the exact opposite
Sun Oct 16, 2016 14:47

Amelle was a little jealous of his life style outside of Sonora and his life prior to Sonora. She had started working at Sonora was she was like nineteen, so she didn’t have much experience of any other sort of life except this one. She had traveled to Iraq to visit her mother’s family and to Sicily to visit her paternal grandparents, but she didn’t consider that really exploring the world. It was just visiting family. Sure her friends had offered her a spot in their band, but she didn’t really want to travel with a band. She loved to sing with them for fun, but as a job? No, that wasn’t what she wanted. And if she traveled just for the sake of traveling, with no job or focus, her parents would have forced a marriage onto her. As long as she stayed employed, her parents left her alone. It wasn’t fun or adventurous. It was safe. She was living a safe life and he had to think that was so dull. She certainly did.

“You get to travel on your holidays and I get to…listen to my mother complain about my life.” Amelle looked amusingly at him. “You are definitely living at a higher level than me.” She joked, although she meant it too even if she played it off so lightly. Of course, her mother was not easy to please. As long as Amelle remained single and without children, her mother would always find something to complain about.

He was much closer to her when she settled in than she first realized after moving and then noticed that he wasn’t in the same spot as he initially was. This meant that he had also shifted and moved closer to her. Amelle felt quite pleased by this notion and less self-conscious for having attempted to adjust her seating to begin with. She could feel the heat that his body naturally radiated and she willed his arm to come up and over her shoulders so that she would have an excuse to put her head on his probably perfectly chiseled chest (at least it was in her dreams). His comment had her laugh a bit, “Can you say that to my mother?” She teased. “She thinks I’m wasting my potential.”

Amelle glanced down at their hands that were now linked. Well, it wasn’t a direct cuddle, but she liked the feel of her hand in his, so she would willingly accept this turn of events. But as she looked at his hands, his face suddenly came into view in front of hers and she felt his lips press against her own. Surprise hit her first but quickly vanished as she returned his kiss, her free hand gently resting against his cheek. She hoped that her surprise hadn’t played off as hesitation or unwant because that was not the case. She thoroughly enjoyed being kissed by him and didn’t want it to end, but the voice in the back of her head reminded her that they were in the Teacher’s Lounge and anyone could walk in on them. She wasn’t sure what the rules were about kissing in the lounge…

After a few minutes, she pulled away from his lips and gave an awkward chuckle. The attractive Care of Magical Creatures Professor had just kissed her, was she sleeping? “I was expecting more of a dinner date invitation, but I will happily accept kisses from you instead.” She finally said, trying to keep her heart from jumping out of her chest out of cheer happiness.

  • Let's hope it's not depressing at all - Rory, Sun Oct 16 05:00
    Well, that settled it. Rory had noticed Amelle’s reduced feast presence, but had thought that maybe he just hadn’t been at Sonora long enough to know the habits of his colleagues, even those of... more
    • I would say it's the exact opposite - Amelle, Sun Oct 16 14:47
      • And I'm far from depressed too! - Rory, Mon Oct 17 15:06
        “Well, you’ll have to come with me on my travels at some point then,” Rory suggested. He’d love to take Amelle with him and show her all the wonderful creatures that he loved so much. His work was so ... more
        • Good, I'm glad we feel the same! - Amelle, Mon Oct 17 16:30
          Amelle’s eyebrows shot up at Rory’s invitation for her to travel with him. Amelle didn’t really know what his traveling entailed. Would it be like camping around dangerous animals? Was it a group of... more
          • You have no idea how relieved I am! - Rory, Wed Oct 19 14:56
            “Hey, no need to look so alarmed,” Rory laughed, amused by Amelle’s reaction to his camping suggestion. “I wouldn’t let you get hurt,” he assured her. Seeing Matthias Gould’s unfortunate accident had ... more
            • Amelle relaxed as Rory laughed off her expression. She must have looked more terrified at the idea of traveling than she had thought. That didn’t surprise her too much though as Amelle sometimes wore ... more
              • Comfortable enough to fall asleep? - Rory, Mon Oct 24 16:17
                Planning a camping trip was now officially on Rory’s list of things to do, and he was going to find the perfect place. Hopefully by next summer Amelle would feel confident enough to travel somewhere... more
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