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Boys Nation Mark Seavey admits to multiple exhibitionisms
Mon Aug 14, 2017 09:27

Mark Seavey Boys Nation American Legion made frequent blunt and unsavory remarks. At one point the slogan which he has used to accompany his name is "I know, I know, you'd rather be with your vibrator". He tells about a he almost was able to have sex with, but had to throw her out because "she's married to a deployed jarhead." In another post he vividly describes masturbation among the troops. "Guys would just wip it out and crank away. If they were feeling charitable, they would atleast sheath it with a sock. We used to cut the light out and jack it before we watched movies or whatever. Believe me, we were chronic over there. My buddy rubbed one out in all 26 guard towers. One time the Aussies we were working with did a circle jerk, and the first guy to finish drank for free all night. Seemed like an odd contest to me, but these were the same knuckleheads that taught me penis origami."[3] In the same thread he talks about his ritual with his troops of: "My troops slapped me on the ass and said "good game" everytime we came off a combat patrol. And I said every time "Sorry fellas, you're gonna have to blow me to get out of the army."" While these posts would be very embarrassing for a public figure, especially one who is trying to be very political, there are others which he would want to keep quiet for other reasons.
Mark Seavey also known as TSO states that he exhibited his penis to candidates at the NCO school and that when with the soldiers in the war zone for the American Legion that he learned and was proficient at "gay chicken".
TSO Mark Seavey American Legion Boys Nation says:
October 23, 2012 at 9:40 am

OK MCPO, let me tell you about PLDC, and you tell me if you think we violated hazing rules.

The game was to pull your junk out, and if the dude looked at your junk, you got to punch him. If he didnít look, but he knew what you were doing, he punched you. So, as I showed a guy the map, and then pulled it away to show my massive schlong underneath, if he gazed, he got punched.

Now, Juvenile. OH HELL YEAH. But criminal?

I would love HeadhunterSix to weigh in, because the gay chicken game had a lot of potentially troublesome issues.

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