I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy
Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:14

He didn’t do it.

Two things were immediately clear, based on the responses of the other occupants of the room. One, Holland was vastly more intelligent than the Headmaster. And two, Holland was an incredibly loyal friend to have. They clearly didn’t believe him - which was warranted - but were, by the mirrored body language, on his side anyway. Mave felt the corner of his mouth twitch, but he resisted the urge to smile and lose credibility with his little charade. He sure was going to miss Holland when this got him expelled.

“Why?” he repeated, leaning forward. “Headmaster, you’ve jumped ahead. Let’s talk about how first, shall we?” With a glance at Holland, Maverick rose from his chair and began pacing the floor behind their chairs. He did not speak for a moment, considering his response. How did he do it?

Then he stopped abruptly. “Accomplices,” he stated dramatically, his arms rising up, accenting his speech with spirit fingers. “The Italian mafia,” Maverick began listing as he resumed his pacing. “A crazy villain with no motives but to see the school in chaos. Shifty Eyes. The school board - how ya like that for a twist? Or how about a professor?” Mave dropped to one knee and held out pleading hands. “I’m just a means to an end, Your Honor. They told me to do it. I can’t say it took much force - who doesn’t love a good bit of mayhem? - but I’m an easily-influenced youth with a troubled homelife. I’m a vulnerable youth with a heart of… well, not gold, per se. Maybe tin foil. But I’m on my knees here, Sir. Please tell me you believe me!” Maverick once again the urge to smirk, and he wondered if he should expect his Oscar by way of mail, or if he’d have to go pick it up somewhere.

  • Can we talk to the deputy? - Holland, Tue Mar 20 13:09
    “ Let’s not get hasty, ” Toby said with what appeared to be some alarm. Holland felt pleased. It had been a while since they’d called someone out for cissexism, which was good, on the level of them... more
    • I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy - Maverick, Mon Mar 26 11:14
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