I guess I can skip the hysteria
Thu Mar 29, 2018 19:08

Mr. Tennant wanted Rose to sit down and after staring at him (her vision was a little wavy) the seventh-year eventually conceded the point and sat down at the chair across from him, where there was suddenly a glass of water and some tissues. Rose realized she hadn’t closed the door and stood up, closed it, and sat back down again. She didn’t want anyone knowing that she hadn’t gotten in to Harvard. Very few people - Holland and Emmett - knew that she was applying Early Decision to Harvard. Rose would have told Marissa, but whenever university came up, her best friend got weird. It had taken her most of the term to figure out that’s what it was, and had consequently stopped mentioning university and related anxiety to Marissa. It was very fortunate, Rose realized for the umpteenth time that term, that she had Emmett. He was very good at listening to her. He wasn’t always the most helpful person - the fact that Emmett wasn’t the most fluorescent firework in the sky was a given for all of them at this point - but he did listen and that was most of what Rose’s anxiety had needed.

”I know how disappointed you must be.”

No, there was no way Mr. Tennant understood how disappointed she was. He didn’t understand how much was riding on her getting into Harvard. And it wasn’t like Rose had ever thought that it was going to be easy for her to get in because it was Harvard and if it wasn’t selective she wouldn’t have wanted to go anyway, but being the best was important to Rose, and if she couldn’t get into Harvard was she really the best? What if she didn’t get into any of her schools? Rose’s eyes started watering and with an aggressive sniffle, the girl swiped her hand across her eyes. She wasn’t going to actually cry in front of Mr. Tennant. Rose didn’t cry in front of people.

The next thing Mr. Tennant said did help a little bit, though. There were loads of people who had done really well who had gone to RMI. Although Rose had never been a great hand at Potions, she did respect Professor Rob, who she knew had worked at a well-known company in potions development before he came to RMI. His wife still worked there, Rose was pretty sure, and she was pretty sure that she had gone to RMI too. Marissa’s parents weren’t exactly the pinnacle of achievement and neither were Emmett’s - and Rose didn’t know what Danny’s mum did aside from be a pureblood - but - well there had to be more, right? Rose suddenly felt less better. But Mr. Tennant was still going on and although Rose wasn’t buying in to everything he was saying, she had come to him for help. She couldn’t help but sniffle a little bit again, and looked sidelong at the box of tissues.

“How do I find out who I want to work with?” the seventh-year asked, sounding only a little bit hopeless and distraught. She hadn’t thought of that option. It wouldn’t be the same as going to Harvard, but if Rose could work with someone who was really brilliant, maybe it wouldn’t matter. “And if I apply to more schools, won’t it look bad, like I’m not as interested in going to Harvard? They look at that when they look at your application again after they defer you, right?”

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    • I guess I can skip the hysteria - Rose , Thu Mar 29 19:08
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