Holland Keene
Reporting an incident [Claudia, Aaron]
Mon Apr 9, 2018 11:12

Claudia followed them to Professor McKindy’s office. Holland didn’t speak to her, but they cast a charm to dry her clothes. It wouldn’t look good if Claudia was clearly experiencing the negative effects of a spell Holland had cast when they arrived in the administrative quarters. Plus it would make unnecessary work for the house elves who would have to clean the puddle trail. Satisfying the petty, angry side of them wasn’t worth it.

It wasn’t the argument that had upset them. Holland was no stranger to defending their gender identity, their right to exist in whatever way and space they wanted. Claudia was the third Dubois with whom Holland had argued at RMI. Back in first year they had argued with Danny, before he was—before. More recently and less fruitfully, they had argued with Lucien. But Holland had never argued with someone who could make them think they were wrong—not by changing their mind, but through active force—before. For the few seconds Claudia’s spell had lasted, Holland had believed for the first time in their life that who they were was wrong, that every negative thing they had ever been told about themself was true. They had never felt so rattled or betrayed in their life. At least Lucien had been up front about his prejudices: he hadn’t claimed to be Holland’s friend and then revealed his beliefs. All Claudia had shown Holland was that they were never actually friends. You didn’t think those kind of things about a friend. You didn’t use that kind of spell on your friend.

The self-defense adrenaline was starting to wear off, and Holland clenched their fists to fight the fact that they were shaking. They couldn’t deal with this right now. Next time they had the chance, they would tell Ruben that they wanted to take him up on the offer he had made in October to teach them how to defend themself. Holland never wanted anyone to be able to use magic on them against their will ever again.

But first, they would tell Aaron what had happened. Holland knocked on the Spellwork professor’s door. They weren’t wearing their school robes—there’d been no need, because they hadn’t been going to class—but they wished they were, now, or that they had pinned the Head Student badge to the lapel of their blazer. It would have made them look more credible.

When Professor McKindy answered the door, Holland offered him Claudia’s wand by the hilt. “I would like to report an incident with one of your Ceti,” they said, in an even, slightly hollow voice. “Claudia and I were arguing and she drew her wand on me. She cast a hex that…” Holland didn’t know how to explain it, and they didn’t remember the incantation. “Put her beliefs in my head, I guess? It wasn’t like just hearing her say that she thinks being queer is wrong,” Holland clarified, trying not to think too hard about that experience. They suppressed a shudder. “It made me believe that too.” That had to be a violation of some kind.

    • I’m not enjoying this - Claudia Dubois, Mon Apr 9 12:19
      Nothing caused Claudia’s heart to beat faster than when she incanted a spell directly towards an opponent. It was an invigorating, life assuring experience. A far less palpable sensation was being... more
      • As long as we're all having a good time - Professor Aaron McKindy, Mon Apr 9 15:11
        Knowing when something was wrong with one of his students was, in Aaron’s opinion, one of his strong suits. He was often the professor that students would ask for advice from or confide in - although ... more
        • I don’t think anyone is - Holland, Tue Apr 10 00:29
          It might not have been a hex—Holland admitted that they had just guessed from the effects—but spell categorization was not their highest priority at the moment. The point was that the spell Claudia... more
          • Not any more - Claudia, Tue Apr 10 14:54
            Traipsing reluctantly into the unfamiliar office, Claudia kept her head down, swallowing down rising bile as best as her constricted throat would allow. Her eyes were still leaking intermittently,... more
            • It's concerning that you were to begin with - Professor McKindy, Sun Apr 15 14:23
              Every time Holland Keene talked about social issues, it made Aaron feel uncomfortable, like he needed to crawl out of his own skin for a breath of fresh air. They had a tendency to use words and... more
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