Claudia Dubois
I’m not enjoying this
Mon Apr 9, 2018 12:19

Nothing caused Claudia’s heart to beat faster than when she incanted a spell directly towards an opponent. It was an invigorating, life assuring experience. A far less palpable sensation was being the subject of retaliation. It was unexpected - Holland didn’t even have their wand - and cold. Her cry of surprise didn’t make it past her lips as Holland’s spell silenced her. This was an entirely different sensation. Frozen, unable to make a sound and unarmed, Claudia felt vulnerable. She could only watch as Holland collected their belongings, and try to calm the wave of panic churning inside her. She hadn’t even hexed them - not really. The spell Claudia had used was barely more than a befuddlement charm, but with more purpose. She had only intended to illustrate to Holland the points they refused to acknowledge on the matter of pureblood society, and hence why Holland posed a threat - they were certainly overreacting.

…Although truthfully Claudia knew there might have been more transferred to Holland than just her opinions about the importance of the patriarchy. It was possible there might have been some of her personal feelings regarding the impropriety of Danny and Holland together, and of those unnatural tendencies in general, but that was surely nothing Holland would not have already expected, considering Claudia’s previous comments on the matter. She still thought they were overreacting.

Then the ice melted, and Claudia could move again, despite being wet. The water seeped quickly through her hundred-galleon silk dress, leaving marks on the delicate fabric that would never fade. “I’m going to go report this,” Holland said, tonelessly. Claudia’s initial instinct was to stop them - she had never been reported to a professor before. Furthermore she was halfway through her fourth year, and after Connor’s unfortunate encounter with Andrew, Claudia had been practically guaranteed the title of Prefect in her fifth year - but without speech or a wand she was powerless to do so. Then Holland lifted the silencing charm, too, by which time Claudia had changed her mind. Perhaps it would work to further her cause if the matter were to be reported. Perhaps her father would hear that Holland had duelled with her and withdraw his offer to support Dardanius.

Regardless of her opinion on the matter, Claudia did not believe for an instant that anything she were to say now would have an effect on Holland’s actions; these recent interactions had taught her that, if nothing else. They were going to Professor McKindy (which made sense, Claudia thought irritably, considering her Head of House made no attempts to hide his marriage to another wizard), and Claudia was going to do as Holland suggested and follow them there. She hurried after them, her legs feeling unstable, her vision blurring lightly at the edges. Her hold on her emotions was waning; the shock of Holland using spells against her, and the usual anxiety she suffered in confrontational scenarios were catching up with her. Tears began to well, and this time Claudia let them fall. Professor McKindy didn’t seem likely to be softened by tears, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

By the time they reached the door, Claudia’s cheeks were as damp as her clothes had been before Holland’s drying charm (which made her more comfortable, but the water marks on her dress were still clearly visible), her head was pounding and she felt sick. She discovered she didn’t like being in trouble with authority figures. She kept her eyes cast at her feet as Holland explained their version of events to her Head of House. She only glanced at them when Holland described believing her stance on their abnormalities. She felt pride in her accomplishment - that wasn’t a spell any fourth year could cast successfully - but it was spoiled by Holland’s apparent distress. She had not expected to feel bad about her actions.

“It wasn’t a hex,” she said, her voice barely audible. “Professor, Holland was insulting my family.” Claudia made every effort to speak louder but her throat felt constricted and would not permit louder sounds to pass through it. “They belittled my culture and were intimidating me.” Warm tears rolled from her eyes, dropping from her chin onto her already ruined dress. “They froze me in ice and took my wand.”

  • Reporting an incident [Claudia, Aaron] - Holland Keene, Mon Apr 9 11:12
    Claudia followed them to Professor McKindy’s office. Holland didn’t speak to her, but they cast a charm to dry her clothes. It wouldn’t look good if Claudia was clearly experiencing the negative... more
    • I’m not enjoying this - Claudia Dubois, Mon Apr 9 12:19
      • As long as we're all having a good time - Professor Aaron McKindy, Mon Apr 9 15:11
        Knowing when something was wrong with one of his students was, in Aaron’s opinion, one of his strong suits. He was often the professor that students would ask for advice from or confide in - although ... more
        • I don’t think anyone is - Holland, Tue Apr 10 00:29
          It might not have been a hex—Holland admitted that they had just guessed from the effects—but spell categorization was not their highest priority at the moment. The point was that the spell Claudia... more
          • Not any more - Claudia, Tue Apr 10 14:54
            Traipsing reluctantly into the unfamiliar office, Claudia kept her head down, swallowing down rising bile as best as her constricted throat would allow. Her eyes were still leaking intermittently,... more
            • It's concerning that you were to begin with - Professor McKindy, Sun Apr 15 14:23
              Every time Holland Keene talked about social issues, it made Aaron feel uncomfortable, like he needed to crawl out of his own skin for a breath of fresh air. They had a tendency to use words and... more
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