Professor Aaron McKindy
As long as we're all having a good time
Mon Apr 9, 2018 15:11

Knowing when something was wrong with one of his students was, in Aaron’s opinion, one of his strong suits. He was often the professor that students would ask for advice from or confide in - although he didn’t have the penchant for adopting strays like his husband often managed to. Which was just as well, Aaron figured, because he was sure there was some sort of limit on how big the school’s magic could make their apartment during the holidays. Anyway, Aaron was pretty sure that even Samuel Boot would have managed to notice Holland’s upset when he opened the door to their knock.

Because there was Holland, dressed as smartly as they always were, handing him a wand and explaining that Claudia - who was behind Holland, wearing an oddly stained dress - had hexed them. And they explained what the hex had done, and before Aaron had managed to fully think through what was going on, Claudia jumped right on in with the protests that Holland had been belittling and intimidating her. Which seemed - well, it seemed almost as strange as Aaron’s stepson brawling in the Cetus commons with Connor Farnon.

“Both of you, come in and sit down,” Aaron began, deciding primarily to have this conversation in something other than the hallway. There were two chairs for visiting students on the far side of his desk, and Aaron walked around to his own chair to find Circe in the seat he had vacated just a moment earlier. Cats, Aaron thought in mild bemusement as he scooped the silver tabby up with one hand and placed her on the floor. She wandered around to the other side to investigate the visitors, deciding to jump up on Claudia’s lap after sniffing at her ankles for a few moments. Aaron set Claudia’s wand down on the desk and took a seat as well, deciding to wait on returning it to her. He took a deep breath.

Holland had always been something of a mystery to Aaron. He didn’t understand their whole - thing - with gender and had never quite worked up the courage to have Garen explain it to him, instead preferring to just use pronouns as directed and fumble around the other bits. Holland wasn’t in his House, so a lot of the things that would get tricky when it came to gender were under Garen’s purview, not his. All Aaron had ever had to do with Holland was teach them Spellwork, which was something he was fully capable of. However, as confused as Holland made Aaron, there were some basic overlapping experiences they shared, given that they were both - different. Queer, as Holland would call it, although the word made Aaron feel very uncomfortable. He didn’t like labels.

It didn’t surprise Aaron that Claudia Dubois was harboring some less-than-tolerant opinions. She seemed to be good friends with Connor Farnon, who had displayed similar thoughts last year. It did surprise Aaron that she had decided to make those thoughts clear to Holland, of all people. And the spell that Holland was talking about, while not a hex per se, sounded like a perception-altering spell that was fairly advanced and not something that Aaron would have expected out of Claudia. She had never seemed behind the curve in class, but had also never stood out. Unlike her older brother who, in true Lyra fashion, could be a showboating peacock, Claudia was quiet and easy to overlook.

Well, this was a mess.

“Claudia, Holland was perfectly within their right as Head Student to take your wand,” Aaron began, because that was the easiest point to begin with. He decided not to make his feelings about Holland’s right to hex someone right back when they were hexed. That probably wasn’t school policy. His gray-green eyes shifted to focus on an untidy stack of papers on his desk. He resisted moving them to rest more neatly, thinking for a moment. “Holland, do you know why Claudia feels as though you were belittling her and acting intimidatingly?”

  • I’m not enjoying this - Claudia Dubois, Mon Apr 9 12:19
    Nothing caused Claudia’s heart to beat faster than when she incanted a spell directly towards an opponent. It was an invigorating, life assuring experience. A far less palpable sensation was being... more
    • As long as we're all having a good time - Professor Aaron McKindy, Mon Apr 9 15:11
      • I don’t think anyone is - Holland, Tue Apr 10 00:29
        It might not have been a hex—Holland admitted that they had just guessed from the effects—but spell categorization was not their highest priority at the moment. The point was that the spell Claudia... more
        • Not any more - Claudia, Tue Apr 10 14:54
          Traipsing reluctantly into the unfamiliar office, Claudia kept her head down, swallowing down rising bile as best as her constricted throat would allow. Her eyes were still leaking intermittently,... more
          • It's concerning that you were to begin with - Professor McKindy, Sun Apr 15 14:23
            Every time Holland Keene talked about social issues, it made Aaron feel uncomfortable, like he needed to crawl out of his own skin for a breath of fresh air. They had a tendency to use words and... more
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