I don’t think anyone is
Tue Apr 10, 2018 00:29

It might not have been a hex—Holland admitted that they had just guessed from the effects—but spell categorization was not their highest priority at the moment. The point was that the spell Claudia had used wasn’t harmless, so of course they had responded magically. Nothing they had done was nearly as vindictive or harmful as her spell. Once Holland had Claudia’s wand, they had released her from being trapped, removed the Silencing Charm, and dried her clothes.

They felt bad about her dress, though. If they’d thought instead of just reacting, they might have chosen a full body-bind or another less environmental spell, but their instinct had been to use aguamenti and glacius. Holland thought that said something about them, just like how Claudia’s deliberate choice of a spell that would upset them said something about her.

Aaron ushered them both into the room before Holland had the opportunity to respond to Claudia aloud. The seventh-year claimed one of the offered chairs, sitting on the edge of the seat as they waited for Aaron to talk. Holland felt vaguely satisfied that their favorite professor supported their decision to take Claudia’s wand. Then he addressed them, and Holland sat up a little straighter.

“Yes,” they answered, partially truthful. Holland knew why Claudia thought they were belittling her, at least. They didn’t think they’d been intimidating—Holland was slight and not physically imposing, and they hadn’t said anything to threaten her—unless she thought any denunciation of the aristocracy was intimidation. “She asked me to break up with Danny so that I won’t hurt his chances of making connections in pureblood society.” Holland managed not to roll their eyes at that, but their voice had a sarcastic bite to it. “I refused because I’m not interested in appeasing a group of homophobic, heteronormative bigots. Which is what I told her,” they said, matter-of-fact. They might not have used those exact words, but that had been the sentiment. Holland conceded that this was not the approach to handling displeased purebloods that they and Danny had discussed, but patience and respect was a two-way street. Claudia had started it. Holland hadn’t said anything that wasn’t true.

They looked at Aaron as they continued, not even glancing at Claudia. “I wasn’t trying to intimidate her, but I’m not going to not respond when someone disparages my relationship, calls me self-absorbed, and implies that I’m uncivilized because of my identity.” They couldn’t refrain from responding under those circumstances. “She approached me,” metaphorically and literally, “and she was the one who drew her wand and cast first. I only froze her in ice and disarmed her so that she couldn’t cast anything else, and I released her as soon as I had her wand.”

  • As long as we're all having a good time - Professor Aaron McKindy, Mon Apr 9 15:11
    Knowing when something was wrong with one of his students was, in Aaron’s opinion, one of his strong suits. He was often the professor that students would ask for advice from or confide in - although ... more
    • I don’t think anyone is - Holland, Tue Apr 10 00:29
      • Not any more - Claudia, Tue Apr 10 14:54
        Traipsing reluctantly into the unfamiliar office, Claudia kept her head down, swallowing down rising bile as best as her constricted throat would allow. Her eyes were still leaking intermittently,... more
        • It's concerning that you were to begin with - Professor McKindy, Sun Apr 15 14:23
          Every time Holland Keene talked about social issues, it made Aaron feel uncomfortable, like he needed to crawl out of his own skin for a breath of fresh air. They had a tendency to use words and... more
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