Not any more
Tue Apr 10, 2018 14:54

Traipsing reluctantly into the unfamiliar office, Claudia kept her head down, swallowing down rising bile as best as her constricted throat would allow. Her eyes were still leaking intermittently, and Claudia continued to allow them as she sat primly in the remaining vacant seat. Already on edge, she startled lightly as a cat landed on her lap. Her dress already beyond repair, Claudia allowed the animal to sit. She tentatively stroked its fur while Professor McKindy sided with Holland on taking her wand. Claudia sniffled.

To their credit, Holland did not try to deny their part in forcing Claudia to draw her wand against them. While they also openly insulted her again - she elected to emit an audible sob in protest at the repeated insinuation of bigotry - Claudia was in awe of the manner in which Holland retold their encounter with such confidence in their actions being justified. Even though Claudia had been there, and could attest to feeling belittled (perhaps not intimidated, then, but she was feeling something akin to that now), she could sense that any neutral party would be swayed by Holland’s compelling account… and she rather suspected than even though he was her Head of House, Professor McKindy was not entirely neutral in the first place, and that was why Holland had brought her there, and not to Mr Tennant or the Headmaster.

When invited to offer her own version of events, Claudia did her best to emulate Holland’s style of expression, but she was not so practised at needing to defend her position. “I did ask Holland to break up with Dardanius,” she said, her voice a little louder and sounding deceptively calmer than she felt, even though it still wavered a little. “They will destroy his chances of a reputable future, and ruin my family. I approached Holland because I thought they might understand my perspective, but instead they called my family elitist and ridiculed our traditions.” She swallowed, realizing that her tears had ceased, but her heart and head were both still pounding, and she was certain her cheeks were reddened with a complex mixture of emotions.

“The spell I cast was in defence of Holland calling my society oppressive and prejudiced, and blaming me for M-Marley,” Claudia sobbed again, although this time it had been entirely unintentional and unexpected. ‘She found you a lot of things, but ‘accepting’ was not one of them.’ Her chest heaved as she struggled to catch her breath. “I only meant to help them to see from my perspective,” she continued in a voice unfortunately not as strong as her earlier efforts. She glanced across at Holland. “I didn’t realize they would be so upset.”

  • I don’t think anyone is - Holland, Tue Apr 10 00:29
    It might not have been a hex—Holland admitted that they had just guessed from the effects—but spell categorization was not their highest priority at the moment. The point was that the spell Claudia... more
    • Not any more - Claudia, Tue Apr 10 14:54
      • It's concerning that you were to begin with - Professor McKindy, Sun Apr 15 14:23
        Every time Holland Keene talked about social issues, it made Aaron feel uncomfortable, like he needed to crawl out of his own skin for a breath of fresh air. They had a tendency to use words and... more
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