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It's concerning that you were to begin with
Sun Apr 15, 2018 14:23

Every time Holland Keene talked about social issues, it made Aaron feel uncomfortable, like he needed to crawl out of his own skin for a breath of fresh air.

They had a tendency to use words and phrases that dissected social issues in much the same way that Lorraine would have her students dissect small animals. They were blunt and never beat around the bush. It didn’t surprise Aaron that Holland was straightforward about what had happened, but that didn’t make him any more comfortable hearing it. Nobody used words like that except Holland, and they were so - blunt.

It was an issue that hit close to home with Aaron. His relationship with his prominent, pureblood family was perpetually rocky, although the past several years had been weirdly serene. Cara - one of his daughters - still wasn’t speaking to him, although her daughters found him passingly interesting at the few family events Aaron, Garen, and the kids were invited to. Madeleine and Drew seemed to get along with their cousins well enough, although Aaron had remarked to his husband more than once that Madeleine was sweet enough to charm a manticore. Bennet DeMarco, Aaron’s brother, was awkward and mildly disapproving, but it was a substantial improvement from previous interaction the siblings had managed; many of those had involved Unforgiveables. It was a peace brokered by Aaron’s other daughter, Jessie, who call her a handful was an understatement. How Jessie had managed to coerce Bennet into at least partially overcoming his deep-seated prejudice about same-sex pairings was beyond Aaron’s comprehension - but so were a lot of the things Jessie did.

When it came down to it, Aaron knew that he wasn’t even remotely impartial; he agreed with what Holland had done and would have responded similarly himself. He was a strong proponent of acting in self defense when the situation called for it, and being prepared in advance to do so. It was a minor point of contention between him and Garen, especially in situations that involved the kids; Aaron had consequently taught his stepson some defensive magic over the summer without explicitly mentioning to his husband what kind of charms Drew needed some help on.

However, he was an educator and had to at least pretend impartiality, which was why he asked for Claudia’s side of the story after Holland had explained theirs.

“It seems,” Aaron said once Claudia had finished, “that you are both experiencing a clash between your values systems.” he didn’t know what else to call it, although using ‘values’ to refer to what Holland called homophobia and heternormativity was, perhaps, not the direction he wanted to go in. It wasn’t wrong, it was just a little - too on the nose for this particular moment. “That is part of what coming to a magical school means. You are going to meet people that challenge your viewpoints with their own experiences, and that is part of your education.

“But it is absolutely unacceptable,” the man continued, fighting the urge to fiddle with a quill. He felt so awkward; he didn’t want to be doing this. “To take a disagreement about how you see the world and magically force someone to see your point. Many of those spells exist in a questionable legal area, but even if what you used was within the bounds of the law, Claudia, it was absolutely a violation of Holland’s personal autonomy that is tantamount to assault.

“Consequently, I am docking fifty points from Cetus House, and giving you detention twice a week for the rest of term. You will be serving half your detention with Professor Blair,” Aaron wasn’t sure what Estelle would do to Claudia, but whatever she had done seemed to have worked on Connor Farnon and the issues were similar enough. He would have a chat with her later. “And the other half of your detentions will be with me, where we will explore the finer aspects of the laws and ethics surrounding the kind of spell you used with Holland.” Aaron smiled thinly at Claudia. It wasn’t every year that he had a student push boundaries with spellwork, but it certainly wasn’t uncommon. This magnitude of magic was not something he had expected from Claudia, though; he should keep a closer eye on her.

Now for Holland. What could he say to Holland?

“Holland, I appreciate that you were put in a very uncomfortable situation,” and he did, Aaron really did. He hoped he was conveying that. “And your instinct to respond with non-violent defensive spells was a good one,” whoops, he really was coming across like he was on Holland’s side. “In the future, please keep in mind the merits of de-escalating a situation rather than escalating, however.”

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    • It's concerning that you were to begin with - Professor McKindy, Sun Apr 15 14:23
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