Counselor Garen Tennant
*long sigh* [Dade, Claudia]
Mon Apr 30, 2018 22:16


Despite having worked at RMI for around twenty years, Garen had never been grabbed by a poltergeist. It was not, he reflected while being dragged through his office door after Shifty had slammed him into the wall beside it, an experience he would recommend. By now Garen had developed a knack for interpreting Shifty’s particular brand of nonsense—it was not unlike Kit’s brand of nonsense—although that didn’t make it easier to defuse. He would guess that the Manic Panic had actually observed some students breaking a rule, but the odds of whether the relevant rule was “no duelling in the corridors” or “wear robes during classes” were fifty-fifty.

By the time Shifty released him, Garen could hear something like a Caterwauling Charm, and concluded that his first guess at which rule had been broken was closer to accurate. Garen hurried after the poltergeist’s shouting, drawing his wand as he went. He arrived at the source of the distress call to find Shifty presiding over smoke, a burnt carpet, the scorched stone floor, and two very wet Ceti. “Is everyone all right?”

Both Claudia Dubois and Dade Farnon seemed to be unburned, although Dade’s slightly singed wand was a casualty of the fire and Claudia had twisted her ankle. Garen wanted to have the medic Heal her before whatever was needed in the way of disciplinary action occurred. She didn’t appear completely capable of making her way to the Infirmary on her own—she was pale and shaking, and seemed a little out of it. Garen also wanted Shifty Eyes not to to be part of the disciplinary process, and thought he could accomplish both at once. “Well done, Shifty,” Garen said, turning to the poltergeist. “Thank you for—um—fetching me. It was very helpful. Could you please go to the Infirmary and have Medic Rocamboli come see to Ms. Dubois’ ankle?” Shifty Eyes saluted and disappeared, which was encouraging, but Garen still summoned a house elf to begin helping Claudia to the Infirmary in case the poltergeist decided to abandon his task. At best, they would meet halfway. He left the house elf with instructions to have Claudia report to his office once Cleo deemed her sufficiently restored, and to have some of her fellow house elves come clean up the hallway. “Mr. Farnon, please come with me.”

Garen and Dade walked back to the administrative quarters. Garen knew that Dade was friends with both of his children, but he didn’t know him better than he knew any of the other non-Lyra students who weren’t involved in Drama Club. Drew had implied that Dade was less social than Aaron, so Garen wasn’t entirely sure how his eight-year-old daughter had befriended the third-year Cetus, although as Aaron had pointed out several times, Madeleine could charm a manticore. Regardless, Dade had never been in trouble before as far as Garen knew.

Up until this half of the current term, Claudia had had a similarly spotless record. The spell she had used on Holland Keene, along with her reasoning for using it, had been very upsetting to Aaron. So had Toby’s reprimand for how Aaron had handled the situation, which Garen agreed was completely unwarranted. It seemed fair for Holland to lose House points due to their role in the conflict, but Garen disagreed with assigning them an unproductive detention. Holland, at least, seemed to be coping fairly well, all things considered. When Garen had met with them to discuss whether he should owl their parents about the incident, they had complained about straight people and social conservatives for an hour, which seemed to be cathartic, if not especially productive.

The counselor sat down behind his desk, and gestured for Dade to take a seat. “Why don’t you tell me what happened?” he prompted, in as nonjudgmental a tone as possible. He was trying not to make assumptions about who had instigated the fight. This had been a rather unusual term.

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              Garen understood at once what the three people Dade had named had in common, and it wasn’t that they were all on the Lyra Quidditch team. And if that was why Dade had reacted so strongly, then—well,... more
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