Dade Farnon
You're telling me
Tue May 1, 2018 20:53

At that particular moment, Dade hated literally everything.

The hallway was on fire, and that was awkward. While he wouldn't have minded Claudia getting a little singed, the conflagration in front of him was not what he intended. As the third-year scrambled to think of spells that might produce enough water to put out that much fire - somehow Aguamenti didn't seem like it would do the trick - the point became suddenly moot when Claudia ripped his wand out of his hands with a spell. Watching the ebony tool arc gracefully into the flames, Dade did exactly what Ruben had taught them: he moved from where Claudia thought he was and dropped to the ground, lying flat. A spell zinged over him, proving that it had been the correct thing to do. Dade quietly rolled to the side, on the off chance that Claudia had noticed the change in his position. He didn't know if she had been guessing as to where he was or if she could actually see him. At this point he was a loss as to what to do; Dade was fairly certain that letting someone know he'd set the hallway on fire wasn't the best plan, but they were pretty likely to figure it out on their own if he didn't. Or from Claudia, because she was a tattletale and a snitch in addition to being aggressive and unpredictable.

Normally, Dade was a fan of the Manic Panic. Kit had told him some fun stories about Shifty from when her parents had been at school, especially how Shifty had particularly liked Kit’s mom and Marissa. For some reason Dade suspected that the poltergeist liked Kit less than her relatives, but that was fine with him because poltergeists weren't supposed to like people. They were the embodiment of chaos, in theory, and having friends didn't seem like chaos. If Dades friends had been around, for example, there would be less chaos.

But his normal ambivalence-bordering-on-fondness for Shifty was immediately extinguished right along with the fire that had been safely separating him from Claudia. The good news was that Dade could rescue his wand, which he did immediately. Ebony was one of the types of wood that burned the slowest, so Dade wasn't surprised that although it was definitely a little crispier than he would have liked, his wand was probably okay. He hoped. He really cared about his wand and didn't want to have to get a new one just because Claudia was a dangerous maniac.

Then Drew’s dad was there and suddenly everything in Dade’s brain was foggy ice. His limbs felt cold and it was possible that everything was moving slowly and quickly at the same time. They were moving down the hallway and Dade kept twisting around to check if Claudia was behind them but somehow kept moving forward even though he didn't feel like he was moving his feet. It was like someone else was giving all the directions and he was just - there. It would have been a novel feeling if it wasn't in such a loaded situation.

Dade didn't remember all the bits between the hallway and Drew’s dad's office, but he was suddenly sitting in the counselor’s office and Drew’s dad who was the counselor was looking at him and presumably expecting him to explain himself. Dade was dry now which was nice. He had a sudden flash of panic and scrabbled in his pockets to find his wand, which he did still have. Okay that was something. He stared at Drew’s dad. Madeleine’s dad. Professor McKindy’s - person.

There were so many things swirling around is brain that Dade didn't know where to start thinking. Drew’s dad had to understand that it was important to protect yourself, because Drew’s stepdad had taught him things over the summer. But it was easy to see why Drew had to protect himself, or why Holland had to protect themself. It made sense. It didn't make sense for Dade. But it did make sense for Dade. But Dade didn't know how to say it or what to say anyway so the silence stretched on between the counselor and the student.

“I didn't mean to set the hallway on fire,” Dade said, in a voice that was smaller than it was belligerent. “I was just trying to protect myself.” His throat closed up and he felt his eyes burning a little bit. Dade crossed his arms across his chest, pulling in almost like he was hugging himself. Everything seemed terrifying and like a lot, and then Claudia would be there soon and she would lie to Drew’s dad about why she had been following him and then he would be in trouble even though he didn't deserve it. His chest was tight and he felt like he was watching what was going on from just behind his own head. “Claudia attacked two people. I was just trying to protect myself.” Dade repeated, hazel eyes prickling and focused on the unusually still hands in his lap.

  • *long sigh* [Dade, Claudia] - Counselor Garen Tennant, Mon Apr 30 22:16
    “ NAUGHTY STUDENTS!!!! ” Despite having worked at RMI for around twenty years, Garen had never been grabbed by a poltergeist. It was not, he reflected while being dragged through his office door... more
    • You're telling me - Dade Farnon , Tue May 1 20:53
      • Garen wasn’t used to students acknowledging they had done something wrong. With the exception of Emmett “I freely admit that I will punch anyone who is mean to Holland” Lawrence, most people who... more
        • Do I get a medal? - Dade, Wed May 2 11:06
          Drew’s dad was saying that his office was a safe space, but Dade wasn’t sure he believed that. Sure, he was clearly okay with people being different - he had Professor McKindy, after all, and Drew... more
          • It’s not a competition - Claudia Dubois, Wed May 2 12:08
            How long would it take for the whole corridor to catch fire? The carpet was burning with an acrid smell, smoke filling the air and her lungs faster than Claudia would have expected. She didn’t know... more
            • Participation trophies only - Garen, Wed May 2 13:38
              Garen understood at once what the three people Dade had named had in common, and it wasn’t that they were all on the Lyra Quidditch team. And if that was why Dade had reacted so strongly, then—well,... more
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