I guess this isn’t the worst thing this year
Tue May 1, 2018 22:56

Garen wasn’t used to students acknowledging they had done something wrong. With the exception of Emmett “I freely admit that I will punch anyone who is mean to Holland” Lawrence, most people who ended up in his office tried to deny that they’d done something that warranted them being in trouble. Dade admitted to setting the fire, but implied that it had been an accident. That seemed possible—magic could be finicky and it was easy to believe that a third year might not have perfect control over his spellwork—but it also seemed like something a student who was trying to get out of trouble would say.

But Garen noticed Dade’s closed-off posture and anxious expression. “It’s okay,” he said, as reassuringly as possible. Dade might have set a fire, but right now he seemed genuinely scared and upset, and not just in the way that a student who felt bad about getting in trouble would be. The tissue box on his desk was close enough that Dade could easily reach it if needed. “You won’t need to protect yourself here. This is a safe space.”

…hang on. Two people? Garen was well aware of the altercation between Claudia and Holland. If there had been another incident, that was news to the counselor. It wasn’t the point of this conversation, but Garen felt he had an obligation to pursue this line of questioning in case something serious had gone unreported. He could follow up with that later, though. It occurred to Garen that both Dade and Claudia were taking Defense Against the Dark Arts, where enrolled third and fourth years were supposed to be right now. No matter who had instigated the fight, both of them had been skipping class. They would have to make it up, although whether Claudia and Dade did the lesson separately or together would be at Cindra’s discretion.

“So it sounds like you felt you were in danger,” Garen continued gently. He didn’t say that Dade wasn’t in trouble—mild arson wasn’t the kind of behavior problem the staff could just ignore, even if it was accidental—but he wanted to make it clear that he was listening to what Dade was saying, not automatically blaming him or jumping to conclusions. “Did Claudia do something that made you feel like she was going to attack you?”

  • You're telling me - Dade Farnon , Tue May 1 20:53
    At that particular moment, Dade hated literally everything. The hallway was on fire, and that was awkward. While he wouldn't have minded Claudia getting a little singed, the conflagration in front of ... more
    • I guess this isn’t the worst thing this year - Garen, Tue May 1 22:56
      • Do I get a medal? - Dade, Wed May 2 11:06
        Drew’s dad was saying that his office was a safe space, but Dade wasn’t sure he believed that. Sure, he was clearly okay with people being different - he had Professor McKindy, after all, and Drew... more
        • It’s not a competition - Claudia Dubois, Wed May 2 12:08
          How long would it take for the whole corridor to catch fire? The carpet was burning with an acrid smell, smoke filling the air and her lungs faster than Claudia would have expected. She didn’t know... more
          • Participation trophies only - Garen, Wed May 2 13:38
            Garen understood at once what the three people Dade had named had in common, and it wasn’t that they were all on the Lyra Quidditch team. And if that was why Dade had reacted so strongly, then—well,... more
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