Do I get a medal?
Wed May 2, 2018 11:06

Drew’s dad was saying that his office was a safe space, but Dade wasn’t sure he believed that. Sure, he was clearly okay with people being different - he had Professor McKindy, after all, and Drew clearly had a different skin color than anyone in his family - but that didn’t mean the office was safe. After all, Drew’s dad was a grown-up and grown-ups had to be impartial about students. That meant that he was going to get in trouble even though the adult in the room was being nice now, because Mr. Tennant’s job was to get him in trouble. And probably that meant Claudia wouldn’t get in trouble, because Dade hadn’t given her the chance to hex him first. So technically she hadn’t done anything. And now that was exactly what Drew’s dad was asking him. Dade drew his arms tightly against his chest once more.

“I left class,” Dade said, “and she followed me.” Did Claudia know? Dade felt like Claudia had to know. Otherwise why would she have followed him? They weren’t friends anymore, not since she had hexed Holland, and even when they were friends they weren’t the type of friends who would follow each other out of a classroom if they left. There was no other reason Claudia would follow him out of the classroom like that. “And I know that she hexed Danny and I know that she hexed Holland and she’s mad at Marley too, because she’s dating Teal,” Dade tried to avoid Marley, personally, but Kit had no filter when it came to talking about anything, including other peoples’ business, and Kit was friends with Marley. Which was terrifying, because they were both very similar and both probably a menace to society, since they were both Beaters. Well, Kit was definitely a menace to society.

He considered telling Drew’s dad what Holland thought. Mr. Tennant seemed nice and Drew was very nice, and Dade liked Madeleine quite a bit as well. And nobody had a problem with Drew playing dress-up with Madeleine. Did Mr. Tennant know that Dade played dress-up with Madeleine? If he did, did he think there was something wrong with Dade, like Holland did? Did he know? Dade’s eyes flicked up and stared directly at Drew’s dad.

“Rose said she’s dangerous for me,” the third-year eventually said. Rose had, when she’d found out, told him exactly that. She had told him to stay away from Claudia and that she’d hexed Danny, but hadn’t said why. Once he found out that she’d hexed Holland, he didn’t exactly need to trust Rose about staying away from Claudia. And now it was clear that Claudia was trying to go after him too.

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    • Do I get a medal? - Dade, Wed May 2 11:06
      • It’s not a competition - Claudia Dubois, Wed May 2 12:08
        How long would it take for the whole corridor to catch fire? The carpet was burning with an acrid smell, smoke filling the air and her lungs faster than Claudia would have expected. She didn’t know... more
        • Participation trophies only - Garen, Wed May 2 13:38
          Garen understood at once what the three people Dade had named had in common, and it wasn’t that they were all on the Lyra Quidditch team. And if that was why Dade had reacted so strongly, then—well,... more
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