Counselor Garen Tennant
Someone called for a counselor? [Claudia, Remy]
Thu Jun 7, 2018 11:34

Garen and Madeleine were playing Pirate Adventure (also known as “Hey Madeleine, Let’s Do Something Else So Aaron Can Get Some Work Done”) when there was a knock at the door. Worryingly, the knock wasn’t at the door connecting the McKindy-Tennant apartment to the administrative quarters, as it might be if a staff member or family member had come to visit. The knock was at the door that connected the apartment to various locations to which Garen and Aaron needed quick access: their offices, or the Cetus and Lyra common rooms. As Garen tried to figure out who was being summoned, the words Counselor’s Office appeared on the door in gold lettering.

The timing was inconvenient, because Madeleine had been just about to walk the plank (read as: jump off the dining table into a pile of cushions they’d taken off the couch). She jumped anyway before he could say they needed to take a break. Garen unfurled the rope ladder he had Stuck to the ceiling so that she could climb up out of the ‘water.’ “Sorry, Mads, that’s for me. I’ll be back as soon as I can,” Garen promised her. He transfigured his red and gold pirate coat into a sports jacket. “Don’t jump off again without supervision. Circe and Caliban do not count as supervision,” he added, as the macaw landed on Madeleine’s shoulder.

“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late,” said Caliban. Madeleine told him to say hi for her, as if whoever was knocking might expect a greeting. Garen stepped through the door to his office, closed it behind him, and then crossed the room to answer the external door which was actually being knocked at. It was rare for students to come to his office after school hours; at this time of evening, Lyras were more likely to request his help than members of the general student body. Garen was aware that Marissa was throwing a party tonight, but it was an all-years event and so he hadn’t expected trouble from that. None of Marissa’s parties had ever seemed to require staff intervention, even the “secret” parties that she thought he didn’t know about.

Garen opened the door to discover Claudia Dubois in tears. She was accompanied by Remington Burnham, who looked tired and resigned. “Come in,” he said, ushering the girls into his office and closing the door behind them. He looked at Remington because she seemed more capable of a coherent explanation, but she just shrugged, so Garen refocused on Claudia. He summoned a tissue box over and placed it within easy reach of her. “Claudia, can you tell me what’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

    • Enjoy this mess - Claudia Dubois , Thu Jun 7 11:59
      Still clinging to Remy’s wrist, Claudia managed to stumble from the lecture hall to the admin quarters without passing out or vomiting, although she was insufferably hot and couldn’t stop silently... more
      • I’m good at cleaning up messes - Garen, Fri Jun 8 10:45
        Garen already knew that Claudia was having a rough semester. In the span of two months she had gone from a spotless record to two encounters with the administration, one as the victim of Dade... more
        • I'll believe it when I see it - Claudia, Fri Jun 8 15:30
          Just talking about her terrible year with someone who wouldn’t try to convince her to embrace another perspective (not now, at least - Claudia wouldn’t be surprised if, at some point, Mr Tennant... more
          • Don't mind me - Remington, Mon Jun 11 16:56
            Once they’d arrived at the Administrative Quarters, Remington assumed that Claudia would forget about her. She seemed to be partially correct. The older girl didn’t seem completely aware that the... more
            • No one minds - Garen, Tue Jun 12 12:04
              A private place to sleep was such a simple request that Garen felt both relieved and sad. Relieved, because that was within his power to provide immediately. Sad, because Claudia considered it to be... more
              • I'd rather thank you - Claudia, Tue Jun 12 14:46
                Remington’s expression of a wish to provide Claudia with sanctuary in Draco was as unexpected as her approaching Claudia to offer help in the first place. Both instances provided aid to a person who... more
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