Professor McKindy
Let's all go to the mo~vies, let's all go to the mo~vies
Fri Jan 20, 2017 04:41

When Francine walked into his office, Aaron took quick notice of the blue and purple outfit, include mismatched matching sneakers. He smiled. Francine was certainly - well, eccentric wouldn’t be a bad word to describe her. She was also one of his more talented students; in the Spellwork professor’s experience, the two things often went together. He himself had been described more than once as eccentric; something to do with the bubble hat, he assumed. Speaking of, there was a faint sound of croaking coming from several tanks arranged on a long bookshelf behind him, where his bubble hat frogs lived in spacious tanks. They hopped over each other, some of them cocking their heads to examine the visitor who had just appeared. Aaron was never quite sure how smart his frogs were, but they hadn’t started conspiring to overthrow him yet (that he had noticed, anyway) so he was confident that they had reached some sort of compromise.

The dark-haired man smiled when Francine asked him if he was having a nice morning. While she was a student and he would not necessarily always be honest with her, as it happened he had had a nice morning and he didn’t mind sharing that. Aaron had gotten up early, per his usual, and spent some time working on one of his projects. It was nearing completion, which was probably overkill since it was, in all technicality, a Christmas gift for his ex-husband and Christmas was still a ways off; it was only October, almost November. But Aaron had no interest in leaving this to the last moment.

He resisted the urge to touch the ring he wore on a chain on his neck, underneath his shirt.

Aaron cleared his throat, re-focusing on the conversation at hand. “I had a lovely morning, thanks Francine,” he said, before continuing.

“So you mentioned after our last class that you were interested in starting Animagus training. I just wanted to give you a brief overview of what that entails before we start that discussion.” Aaron said. “So first, we need to work exceptionally hard with wandless magic and start you learning nonverbal Transfigurations. It’ll be useful for you to learn nonverbal charms as well, but less important.” Francine was more advanced than some of his other students, although not the brightest student he was teaching. That title probably went to Rose Farnon. As far as Aaron knew, all the fifth year Aquila did was practice Spellwork. It was both impressive and at times a little concerning.

“After we’re satisfied with where you are at wandless and nonverbal magic, you’ll start working on transfiguring individual body parts. At this point there’s a ritual we can do to determine what your form is. It’s not strictly necessary, but some people find it helpful.” Aaron certainly had, at least. “Then, you’ll carry a mandrake leaf around in your mouth for a month - I know,” he added, making a face. It was not the most pleasant taste. “But after that we use it to collect some morning dew on the first day of the new moon, before the sun rises. And then you whip up a potion - Professor Jacobs can help with that step,” Rob was not an Animagus as far as Aaron knew, but he was very proficient at Potions. “And once it’s done, you can drink it to trigger your first transformation, with appropriate application of the bodily transformation you’ve learned.

“The point where most people fail,” Aaron added, “is the very beginning. Most people struggle significantly with wandless and nonverbal magic individually, and it’s even harder together. It requires a lot of focus to become good at it. And while you don’t have to be the most accomplished witch when it comes to that type of magic to be successful, the better you are the safer you’ll be. Some witches and wizards can practice magic in their Animagus form, and others can’t. It just depends.” Aaron was, to his own surprise as well as Garen’s, not one of those wizards who could practice magic in his Animagus form. For all his genius at Spellwork, it just wasn’t something he could do.

Well, everyone has their limits.

The tall man smiled at the student sitting in front of him. “Do you have any questions so far, Francine?” They’d gone over a general overview of Animagus training in class, but certainly nothing as in depth as the explanation he had just given.

  • Ooh yes, let's! - Francine Holtz, Wed Jan 18 22:37
    Francine was a morning person. She liked to be up and about, and many mornings before class she would scamper down to Pearl Street so she could watch the sunrise. It was pretty, the streets were... more
    • Let's all go to the mo~vies, let's all go to the mo~vies - Professor McKindy, Fri Jan 20 04:41
      • Despite how amusing and adorable she found the quiet frog chorus behind him to be, Francine did her best to listen to Professor McKindy as he talked. She was very glad to hear his morning was good,... more
        • In that case, I'll imitate a three-toed sloth - Professor McKindy, Sun Jan 22 21:44
          When Francine referenced a Patronus as a comparison point for Animagus work, Aaron smiled a little ironically. He actually had never managed a full corporeal Patronus, for whatever reason. He was an... more
          • Huh, I thought you were a collie? - Francine, Mon Jan 23 22:06
            Francine was glad Professor McKindy seemed pleased with her little demonstration, or at least, he definitely wasn’t angry. It occurred to her after the fact that maybe she shouldn’t perform magic on... more
            • I can still impersonate whatever I want! - Professor McKindy, Wed Feb 1 17:44
              Nonverbal charms were probably the place to start, and Aaron nodded when Francine suggested that. Transfigurations were often more difficult for students for some reason, although for him it had been ... more
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