No one minds
Tue Jun 12, 2018 12:04

A private place to sleep was such a simple request that Garen felt both relieved and sad. Relieved, because that was within his power to provide immediately. Sad, because Claudia considered it to be something she did not already have. Garen had presided over a fair amount of roommate disputes, from Hayden Young and Cameron Rothchilde to Kit and Darlene (recently Marissa had even spent the night in Drew’s old room in the Tennant-McKindy suite because of a fight with Rose). However, he had never heard a student with a single dorm say that they felt unsafe there.

Drew and Aaron had both mentioned that the boys’ staircases occasionally sent Dade to the Headmaster’s office. Neither had suggested to Garen that Dade was capable of using the girls’ stairs—which was not to say that it wasn’t possible, just that it wasn’t substantiated. Even if it was true, Garen felt there was little to be done about it. The incident with the staircases before midterm had shown the staff that there was little they could do to influence the dorm stairs. Suppose the boys’ side stopped allowing Dade up entirely? Garen wasn’t sure what they would do in that situation. Aaron hadn’t been able to figure out why the stairs were activating for Dade. Garen had suspicions now.

Remington’s offer for Claudia to stay in Draco was kind—Garen would definitely be awarding her House points for helping a student in need—but probably not the best or most feasible option. “Right,” Garen agreed with Remington, and returned his attention to Claudia. “Claudia, you can stay in the Infirmary tonight. You’d have privacy,” even if another student needed medical attention overnight, the charmed dividers would ensure Claudia wasn’t disturbed or identified, “and Medic Rocamboli or one of her assistants would be present nearby if you have any concerns during the night.” Anyone could enter the Infirmary, so this would not allay Claudia’s fears that someone she did not trust could access the place where she slept, but hopefully the proximity of an authority figure would reassure her. “The medic could also see about Healing your nails,” and possibly prescribe a Calming Draught or a Dreamless Sleep Potion, if Cleo judged either to be appropriate. None of these were long-term solutions, but they would help in the immediate future.

“Feel free to sleep as late as you want. I can let your professors know you have an excused absence for classes tomorrow. I’d like your permission to discuss some of what you’ve told me with Professor McKindy, Professor Blair-West, and Headmaster Morgan in the morning,” Garen said. They would all have to be involved to discuss changing Claudia’s detentions. And of course he would have to discuss some of the details with Aaron. Wouldn’t that be a fun conversation? ‘Claudia is too scared of being attacked by other students to be in her dorm or common room, and our son is one of the reasons she feels that way.’ Maybe he could save that for tomorrow.

“When you’re ready tomorrow,” Garen continued, “please come back here so that we can discuss future steps.” Garen had some ideas. First, he’d reach out to her parents to let them know what was going on and to discuss how to help her. Given her anxiety and nightmares, he thought it would be a good idea for Claudia to talk to someone regularly. As the school counselor Garen could fill that role, but if Claudia was uncomfortable with that idea, he could refer her to a mental health professional on Pearl Street. “I’m taking your concerns very seriously, and I’m sure we can find ways to help you feel safer and happier at RMI. For now, do those suggestions sound okay?”

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    Once they’d arrived at the Administrative Quarters, Remington assumed that Claudia would forget about her. She seemed to be partially correct. The older girl didn’t seem completely aware that the... more
    • No one minds - Garen, Tue Jun 12 12:04
      • I'd rather thank you - Claudia, Tue Jun 12 14:46
        Remington’s expression of a wish to provide Claudia with sanctuary in Draco was as unexpected as her approaching Claudia to offer help in the first place. Both instances provided aid to a person who... more
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