I'd rather thank you
Tue Jun 12, 2018 14:46

Remington’s expression of a wish to provide Claudia with sanctuary in Draco was as unexpected as her approaching Claudia to offer help in the first place. Both instances provided aid to a person who was not only a scant acquaintance, but also the apparent enemy (although Claudia still couldn’t fathom why Dade had decided to turn on her) of her close friend, and both inconvenienced Remington to some degree. Claudia liked to believe she was a helpful and supportive friend (although she rather suspected Marley might argue these traits), but she was under no illusion she would go out of her way to help someone the way Remy seemed to be doing for her. If she did have some ulterior motive, it was so convoluted that Claudia could not decipher it; she was drawn to conclude that Remington really was an especially selfless person. Claudia felt lucky to have caught her attention earlier that evening.

The counselor’s suggestion that she stay in the infirmary was not an ideal scenario in Claudia’s opinion, but at least he had offered an alternative to her own room, rather than assuming she would be safe in the space that had already been provided for her (and that had, admittedly, always proven to be safe. Unfortunately Dade had always been receptive to her company until one day he suddenly wasn’t. Claudia couldn’t trust history as a reliable indicator). He further outlined benefits including privacy and an adult authority figure in the vicinity, which demonstrated to Claudia that he had understood her complaints. It wasn’t perfect, but it was an improvement. She nodded her acceptance of the plan, keeping her focus mostly on her gloves, and the aforementioned nails concealed within.

At the request to discuss her issues with other staff members, Claudia tensed, her figure becoming instantly rigid. Admittedly she had spoken knowing that Remington was in the room with her, but she had still expected the counselor to maintain confidentiality. She didn’t know much about it, having never asked for help before, but she thought that was something a counselor was supposed to do: keep the details of their conversations private. Claudia swallowed. She did not believe anything he said to them would have any positive effects on her experiences: Professor McKindy clearly hated her (even though she enjoyed his classes and had learned a great deal from her extra sessions with him, the feeling of animosity was nevertheless mutual, she was sure of it), Professor Blair willfully misinterpreted Claudia’s problem with Holland and reduced her personal beliefs to assumptions of ignorance and prejudice, and Headmaster Morgan had not seen fit to diminish Claudia’s punishment - which was so massively unfair when compared to other instances of student misbehavior over the past couple of years - so she doubted he would make any difference now, either. Yet neither did she see how she could refuse the counselor the opportunity to try, if he was indeed acting in her interest. Lips pressed tightly together, Claudia nodded again, still not making eye contact.

Coming back again here in the morning would be arduous, once Claudia had endured a night of thinking about how wretchedly this evening had developed, but the promise of no classes lifted the weight of one small burden. Navigating the corridors was still problematic, however. In a voice so timid she barely recognized it as her own, Claudia said, “Could I please request someone escort me from the infirmary in the morning?” She wanted to ask Garen to collect her himself, but she didn’t want to seem impertinent on top of everything else. “I can’t walk in the corridors on my own,” she elaborated. Otherwise his suggestions were acceptable; if he did find a way to return some of her prior happiness, and prevent her from feeling unsafe within the confines of the school, Claudia would grant him anything.

  • No one minds - Garen, Tue Jun 12 12:04
    A private place to sleep was such a simple request that Garen felt both relieved and sad. Relieved, because that was within his power to provide immediately. Sad, because Claudia considered it to be... more
    • I'd rather thank you - Claudia, Tue Jun 12 14:46
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