Leon Finnin
I guess I'm Cetus [Tag: Prof. McKindy
Sun Sep 9, 2018 22:22

Leon took a few deep breaths before he walked out of the dining hall that afternoon. Professor McKindy asked to see the boy in his office without much to explain why. Leon could only think the worst, he wasn’t doing very will in his classes as it was, and maybe the events of first year were coming to haunt him. Maybe his mother talked to his head of house and she was going to pull him out. She talked about that all summer.

Whatever the case Leon moved towards the Spellwork professor’s office, head down slightly to not draw any attention from the portraits on the wall. As he got closer to the room, the boy noticed that the door was acutely ajar. Which the student took to mean that his professor was available. The preteen’s pace slowed a bit, as his heart began to race. Everything was about to end, his life, his place here, would change as soon as he crossed the threshold.

A feeling of shame and doubt swelled up in the pit of the boys stomach. He took a deep breath, straightened up, and knocked on the door, pushing it slightly more agape to walk into the room. He saw his head of house there, and the thoughts started to rise again. Everything he ever did wrong here and at home came up as he crossed into the room. He shortened his breath a bit as a panic started to settle in. Another deep break before he was finally able to speak.

“Um… Sir… you ah, wanted to see me?” The words came out slightly timid as he took a quick look around the room trying to keep his eyes off the irishman. The office was nicely adorned,this at least was something to distract the Cetus.

After a beat the 12 year old closed the door behind him and walked closer to the desk, he was trying his best to not seem bothered by the whole situation but the boy kept tugging at his sleeves. “If this is about my mom, please don’t let her take me out of this school too.” It was impulsive and he said it without thinking. The last time he has to speak to a head of anything was when he was pulled out of his old school before starting homeschooling. This reminded the tortured boy mostly of that situation.

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