Darlene Knight
A family history lesson [Mr. Tennant]
Sun Sep 23, 2018 09:44

Things were getting better.

Darlene hadn’t thought things were bad before. She had lots of things she wanted: adequate grades, a mother who cared about her, Drew, etc. But now she had more than that. She had a father she was sending quiet letters to, and maybe she was going to have a friend with whom she could share more than just a room. She was building things. She was finding answers, and maybe herself. It was nice.

But still she had questions. Getting to know her father had led her mind down other paths about the people missing from her life. Specifically, she was growing increasingly curious about her late sister, Amelia. Every time she looked at her cat - a hand-me-down she’d inherited from her sister - she wondered what she was like.

She was hesitant to ask her mother, though. It had clearly been a strain on Mother to tell her the truth about her father, which Darlene understood completely and was so incredibly grateful she had managed to do, so she didn’t want to push her. Not to mention the fact that Mother tended to specifically avoid the topic, it seemed. Darlene understood that, too. It was hard. She could only imagine the pain her mother had gone through in losing her daughter, especially with everything Darlene knew had happened with the alienation of Olivia. Mother and Olivia had only patched up after Amelia died, and only quietly and behind-the-scenes. Mother operated that way a lot, it seemed. The illusion of her mother’s perfection had been shattered recently by the discovery of the infidelity that had brought Darlene to life, but in a way, the Lyra respected her mother more for it, she thought.

Darlene had mentioned a lot of this to Drew, after swearing him to life-long secrecy. Mother wouldn’t like that, she was sure, but she just couldn’t contain herself - someone other than her diary had to know about it. She had also told Drew about her questions about her sister and her hesitation in asking, at which point Drew had pointed out that his father had been at RMI for basically forever, and maybe he would know something.

That thought had only turned in her head for a couple days before she acted upon it, and now here she was, knocking somewhat nervously on Mr. Tennant’s door. “Hello,” she said when the door opened, trying to sound calm. Darlene was hyper aware of the fact that her appearance at his door tended to signal some kind of Lyra catastrophe, so she wanted to reassure him as much as possible that this was not the case today. “I just had a few questions I wanted to ask you. It’s personal.”

Once the door was shut behind her, Darlene began. “So Drew said that you’ve been at RMI for a really long time, and I know that my sister went here, so I was wondering if maybe… maybe you could tell me a little bit about her?” Given that it was common public knowledge that Olivia was not formally associated with the family (and therefore technically Darlene shouldn’t have known about her existence), she did not give a name. She had no idea that she might need to be more specific.

    • A handy historian - Garen Tennant, Sun Sep 23 12:26
      As always when Darlene appeared at his office, Garen prepared himself to learn about a new Kitastrophe. It was encouraging that she had arrived via the administrative quarters door, not the Lyra... more
      • There’s an error in your records - Darlene, Sun Sep 23 14:37
        “Olivia, Amelia, or Alexandra?” Darlene froze in an instant. “What?” Olivia she knew. She wasn’t supposed to, but she did. Her youngest older sister was an excellent pen pal and resource. She was the ... more
        • My records are never wrong - Garen, Sun Sep 23 21:47
          To Garen’s distinct surprise, Darlene’s reaction was closer to that of someone who had just seen a basilisk than of someone who had just found a resource for her genealogy project. She sounded... more
          • I'm going to have to politely disagree. - Darlene, Wed Sep 26 21:02
            Darlene didn’t remember sitting down, but it occurred to her now that she was in a chair, pushed down into it as if the weight of the information presented was simply too great for her weak little... more
            • I disagree with your disagreement - Garen, Sat Sep 29 10:22
              Garen was at a loss. He knew the Knights were That Kind of pureblood family—the kind that promised children’s hands in marriage; the kind that disowned its members for minor transgressions; the kind... more
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