Garen Tennant
A handy historian
Sun Sep 23, 2018 12:26

As always when Darlene appeared at his office, Garen prepared himself to learn about a new Kitastrophe. It was encouraging that she had arrived via the administrative quarters door, not the Lyra Common Room door—that suggested a less immediate problem, rather than Darlene fleeing her room to find him—but after fourteen years he was used to Kit’s antics taking many forms.

Lately Garen was more worried about Madeleine’s antics. She was really acting out over the Shifty situation, although at least she seemed to have forgiven Aaron for his role in it. Happily, it had happened before Christmas, which was brought down enough already by Kit’s constant mope about Darby. Unlike Toby’s decision about Shifty, Garen had to agree that Darby couldn’t have stayed at RMI, and Jessie had made it sound like Kit could stay in touch with the acromantula (although Garen thought might have preferred not to know that the creatures couldn’t read and write). Still, it was hard seeing his youngest granddaughter this upset, especially when he’d been peripherally involved in the thing that had made her so sad.

It was a pleasant surprise when Darlene said she had personal questions, although then (as he invited her to take a seat and he shut the door behind her), Garen started to be concerned that she might want to ask about Drew. The counselor understood that the Knights were concerned with blood purity, and it was reasonable for Darlene to think Garen would have more information about Drew’s parentage than Drew himself did. Garen had, however, told Drew everything he knew. Drew had never expressed interest in identifying or meeting his birth father, which was good because while Garen willing to help if that was what Drew wanted, he had no idea how they might go about doing that. Jessie seemed suspiciously lacking in information about who might have fathered Garen’s son.

But no, Darlene’s question was actually about her family, which Garen had much more information about. There were some things he would have to keep confidential as the counselor, but he didn’t see why he shouldn’t tell Darlene common knowledge about the Knights who had attended RMI before her. Garen had the records for every student who had attended RMI during his tenure, so even if he didn’t remember the person in question very well, the file might provide something or jog his memory.

“I’d be happy to,” Garen said. He magically unlocked the bottom left drawer of his desk, which served as his filing cabinet. It was much longer than his desk was deep, but he realized that he couldn’t summon the right set of documents until he had more information. Amelia had died about a decade ago, so it seemed likely that Darlene wouldn’t remember her and might be curious, but Garen wasn’t sure. “Which sister did you want to know more about? Olivia, Amelia, or Alexandra?”

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    Things were getting better. Darlene hadn’t thought things were bad before . She had lots of things she wanted: adequate grades, a mother who cared about her, Drew, etc. But now she had more than... more
    • A handy historian - Garen Tennant, Sun Sep 23 12:26
      • There’s an error in your records - Darlene, Sun Sep 23 14:37
        “Olivia, Amelia, or Alexandra?” Darlene froze in an instant. “What?” Olivia she knew. She wasn’t supposed to, but she did. Her youngest older sister was an excellent pen pal and resource. She was the ... more
        • My records are never wrong - Garen, Sun Sep 23 21:47
          To Garen’s distinct surprise, Darlene’s reaction was closer to that of someone who had just seen a basilisk than of someone who had just found a resource for her genealogy project. She sounded... more
          • I'm going to have to politely disagree. - Darlene, Wed Sep 26 21:02
            Darlene didn’t remember sitting down, but it occurred to her now that she was in a chair, pushed down into it as if the weight of the information presented was simply too great for her weak little... more
            • I disagree with your disagreement - Garen, Sat Sep 29 10:22
              Garen was at a loss. He knew the Knights were That Kind of pureblood family—the kind that promised children’s hands in marriage; the kind that disowned its members for minor transgressions; the kind... more
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