My records are never wrong
Sun Sep 23, 2018 21:47

To Garen’s distinct surprise, Darlene’s reaction was closer to that of someone who had just seen a basilisk than of someone who had just found a resource for her genealogy project. She sounded honestly confused, as though Garen had just made up a name and said it to test her.

But he hadn’t. “Alexandra Knight is,” or perhaps was? That would explain why Darlene didn’t know her. Garen was rarely in the position to feel bad for someone like Amelia Knight Sr., but he couldn’t imagine how unbearable it would be to bury one child, let alone two. Then again, Garen had been notified when Amelia had passed; he’d received no such correspondence about Alexandra. It was possible that one simply hadn’t been sent; not all alumni kept the school updated on their lives. However, the Knights had set a precedent with Amelia. He didn’t correct his tense, “Amelia and Olivia’s—and therefore your—older sister. She was in Lyra, two years ahead of Amelia.”

Garen couldn’t claim to remember every student personally, but he actually did recall Alexandra, because she and the people around her had generated so many issues for him and the rest of the administration. Garen had only gotten to know Addi because she and Alexandra had fought in a Herbology lesson, which had triggered Addi’s anger management sessions. That was how Addi had come to rely on Garen for help with most of the more sensible decisions she made. “She married Chino Espinoza,” who had transferred out of RMI along with his brother and sister after Rosalina used a love potion on her then-betrothed, Anders Bradbury (later Hudson, now Blackburn, one of the alumni who stayed in touch), “soon after she graduated, I think.” He remembered that that had happened—RMI had been notified and it had gone in the alumni newsletter—although he couldn’t say for sure when.

No matter; it was written down. He summoned all three Knight alumnae folders out of the impossibly long drawer. Amelia’s was in a separate section, in a black folder between Jacobs, Trevor and Locke, Serenity. Garen placed all three folders on his desk, not offering them to Darlene. “You’ve never heard of her?” Garen said gently, somewhere between a question and a realization.

Something very strange was going on here. They would have to figure out what.

  • There’s an error in your records - Darlene, Sun Sep 23 14:37
    “Olivia, Amelia, or Alexandra?” Darlene froze in an instant. “What?” Olivia she knew. She wasn’t supposed to, but she did. Her youngest older sister was an excellent pen pal and resource. She was the ... more
    • My records are never wrong - Garen, Sun Sep 23 21:47
      • I'm going to have to politely disagree. - Darlene, Wed Sep 26 21:02
        Darlene didn’t remember sitting down, but it occurred to her now that she was in a chair, pushed down into it as if the weight of the information presented was simply too great for her weak little... more
        • I disagree with your disagreement - Garen, Sat Sep 29 10:22
          Garen was at a loss. He knew the Knights were That Kind of pureblood family—the kind that promised children’s hands in marriage; the kind that disowned its members for minor transgressions; the kind... more
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