Vivica Dixon
Dazed and confused [Mr. Tennant]
Mon Sep 24, 2018 03:33

Midterm was over and Christmas had gone well, or at least as well as it could have considering Vivica’s family were still getting used to not having a practicing witch around. She’d gotten some new socks (lovely black ones with rainbow toes), some new jewellery and a Nintendo switch that would require charming if it were to work at school. Her parents were awesome, but clueless with regard to the magical adaptations muggle items needed to work at school, and they were less than useful when it came to magical nicesties that they or the imaginative jolly fat man could have bestowed upon her, so none of them bothered ‘#MuggleChristmas’.

The break, whilst enjoyable, brought with it a plethora of emotional confusion. A lot of it new, but some she’d assumed were gone. As much as it was great to see her family again, that first half term was the longest she’d ever been away from them, she’d spent the last few months getting used to her own new thoughts. She’d not had any rants narrated by Mum or overly happy, slightly camp, Uncle T voices in her head. She’d not been overthinking things in Dads dithery way. Instead she’d had new thoughts. Most were normal, however there were some curveballs (she still didn’t know why she thought about kissing Drew). The shift had taken a lot of getting used to, but by midterm she’d just about gotten a handle of it. However mere seconds in the presence of her parents and it all changed back. Vivica felt the shift from what she had very recently gotten used to something resembling how it was before. Vivica was soon second guessing her actions (as she narrated her movements in her Mum’s voice). She felt a touch of OCD come back as she flustered around (hello Dad). Strangely enough, she noted that there was only Mum and Dads thoughts this time. No Uncle T, no new voices. Just hers, Mums and Dads. Whilst enjoyable, it was an awkward break. Other than asking how things were, the family avoided the magical elephant in the room and continued on (as much as possible) as a normal, muggle family. The topic of episodes did come up, but Vivica glossed over it saying it was all fine. ‘lies’

Now Vivica was back at school, it had all changed again. The shift was defined. It was clean. Vivica hadn’t had any meds for a long while now, maybe that was the issue. There was no reasonable excuse as to why this was happening. Was she crazy!?

Vivica stood solemnly outside the door, her arm in the air, poised to knock. She questioned if she should. What would she say. Surely the in doing this, she was proving she was crazy. Taking a big gulp of pride, Vivica knocked the door with the slightest of taps, subconsciously hoping Mr. Tennant was out or he wouldn’t hear. She placed her hand on the handle and turned it, hoping it was locked and he was out. To her dismay, the handle turned and the door opened. “Mr. Tennant?” Vivica asked nervously.

    • We can clear that up - Counselor Garen Tennant, Tue Sep 25 21:16
      Alec Edwards was back in RMI, and Garen Tennant did not care for that one bit. The counselor couldn’t decide whether the portrait was more or less intrusive than the year Alec had frequented the... more
      • Yah, good luck with that. - Vivica Dixon, Wed Sep 26 12:09
        Not only was the door open, but Mr Tennant was there. Well, of course he would be if the door was open, he wouldn’t have left it unlocked. Not that he would need to leave it locked, Vivica didn’t... more
        • I’m feeling lucky - Garen, Thu Sep 27 15:24
          Vivica kept her eyes fixed on the ground, avoiding eye contact with Garen. Even though she’d come to his office of her own accord (rather than being summoned, as most students were), she seemed... more
          • All on red. - Vivica Dixon, Fri Sep 28 06:34
            Mr. Tennant was still in the room and he seemed poised for listening ‘...another Clarice situation’ . Vivica felt rough. She’d never let it out before, well, not like that anyway. Mr. Tennant voice... more
            • The house always wins - Garen, Sat Sep 29 13:02
              Garen’s automatic instinct was to reassure Vivica that no, he wouldn’t tell her parents. In part it was because saying yes might make her reluctant to keep talking, which would make it almost... more
              • Learns how to count cards - Vivica Dixon, Mon Oct 1 10:42
                Mr. Tennant’s semi-committal reassurance that he didn’t have to tell Vivica’s parents didn’t exactly inspire confidence in her. Her mind flitted between cautious optimism and deep dread with every... more
                • That’s a clever trick - Garen, Tue Oct 2 21:57
                  Garen listened attentively as Vivica answered his question. The mention of thinking about kissing Drew momentarily jarred him, but Garen managed not to show his surprise. He guessed Vivica hadn’t... more
                  • Mr. Tennant wasn’t calling for assistance and straight jackets so that was a good thing, but Vivica was taken aback when he asked her to try and tell him what he was thinking. ‘Mind reading, really?... more
                    • Trick or treat! - Garen , Wed Oct 31 13:30
                      Well. That was all the proof Garen needed, then. It was too specific to be coincidence: a young girl laughing at a bow had to be Madeleine wrapping Christmas presents. The counselor had never heard... more
                      • Mr. Tennant didn’t even appear to pause to think about it. A Legilimens. There it was. Vivica had a label, whatever it was. Vivica didn’t know how to react. She was numb. She’d spent the last couple... more
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