Georgina Philpott
Looking for a resident
Tue Sep 25, 2018 15:53

Gigi had been four years old when she had stopped living in a school not dissimilar from Rocky Mountain International. Her parents had both been teachers, and they juggled their classes with looking after their youngling. Sometimes Georgina had been watched by other staff members, or so she had been told - she couldn’t actually remember much about her life before her family moved to Herefordshire. The bits she could remember were the older children: students at the school who had talked to Gigi, smiled at her, given her gifts, entertained her. It seemed the children of the faculty at RMI had a sweet deal, seeing as there were plenty of them, and they could entertain each other. Still, Georgina had, since her first few weeks at RMI, made an effort to learn their names, and she always called out and waved when she saw them in the corridors or in the Diner. Well, the older ones anyway. Babies were a mystery; progeny were far more interesting when they learned to walk and talk.

On a quiet morning before breakfast, Gigi detoured by the corridor to the staff quarters. Her bushy brown curls were tied back into a thick, loose braid and trimmed with a thick black ribbon, but even so the first year had to brush back loose strands from her eyes as she rummaged in her school bag for ten small, green origami frogs. When she’d found the last of the little buggers, Gigi lay on the floor on her stomach and enchanted the folded paper shapes with a relatively simple charm. When she pressed on the back of each frog, it jumped up, just like it would for a Muggle. But then these beauts would continue to hop up and down along the corridor until the charm wore off. Gigi set them off in succession, and soon a full colony of frogs was parading the staff quarters.

The sound of a distant door opening prompted Gigi to push herself up from the floor, kneeling awkwardly in skinny black jeans that were too restrictive for much movement, her midriff exposed by her long-sleeved blue crop top emblazoned with the words ‘Life’s a witch’. She looked up as a body emerged. Georgina grinned at her company. “You’ve got some visitors.”

    • Of which you are not, and shouldn't be here. - Deputy Headmaster Fell, Tue Sep 25 21:01
      Taking an extended pause in front of the floor-length mirror, Bellamy ensured that the lapels of his pinstriped blazer were smoothed down properly, the folds making a neat crease at a sixty-degree... more
      • I'm not crossing any boundary lines - Georgina, Fri Sep 28 13:53
        Deputy Headmaster Fell had less personality than anyone Gigi had ever met. He lingered, hovered and loitered, overseeing his domain like an especially sanctimonious meerkat. He had a resting... more
        • Some would say otherwise - Deputy Headmaster Fell, Sun Sep 30 19:11
          As always when forced to acknowledge the existence of poorly behaved children (an unfortunately frequent occurrence since his arrival at RMI, though hopefully his efforts not to simply ignore them... more
          • Some would say To Hell with you - Gigi, Mon Oct 1 05:12
            Georgina would confess that Fell docking House points was a surprise - she’d assumed he was all talk and pompous moustache - but the far more delightful discovery was that he used his hand to air... more
            • Fortunately, I do not have to listen - Deputy Headmaster Fell, Thu Oct 4 21:13
              Had he been asked he would have denied, if untruthfully so, a moment of surprise mingled with disappointment when the girl began to agreeably pull on her robes. Both emotions were short-lived: the... more
              • Fortunately, neither do I - Gigi, Mon Oct 15 16:43
                Of course Fell would bring up the Aussie and the medic, and totally gloss over her point about all six senior staff roles being held by men. She only refrained from rolling her eyes because grown ups ... more
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