Deputy Headmaster Fell
Of which you are not, and shouldn't be here.
Tue Sep 25, 2018 21:01

Taking an extended pause in front of the floor-length mirror, Bellamy ensured that the lapels of his pinstriped blazer were smoothed down properly, the folds making a neat crease at a sixty-degree angle and joined together with a faux wooden button. A rich hue of dark olive, this suit had been procured over the holidays at his second home in Ghent. So far he had only worn it twice, but today seemed a good occasion to bring it out again, as he was to be observing the younger years’ History of Magic lecture.

The observation sessions had been invaluable at the start of semester, both for getting a sense of where the various student cohorts were at in their education as well as becoming better acquainted with the members of faculty, if only to an extent - some of them had not been very pleased at being observed and made their opinions quite clear. For instance, following their first Life Skills lesson, he had received no less than ten letters from the older yeargroup. The majority of these ranged from more-or-less positive to ambiguous confusion; a couple were outright complaints, most notably the polite but strongly-worded letter from Mr. Farnon about the inappropriate involvement of toilets for class assignments. (He did not disagree and had resolved to take a more active approach to future Life Skills topics, regardless of the disreputable Australian witch’s feelings on the matter.)

At this point in semester, observation was no longer required for him to feel as though he had gained a footing in his new role at the school. However, History of Magic was an exception, for the simple reason that he did not believe Samuel to be entirely sane. Likely the man should have retired years ago. Although he did not feel any particular personal responsibility to see that come to pass, the lengthy time that he had spent procuring funds for IWCE programming led Bellamy to have some interest in making sure those investments were worthwhile. There was no point continuing to pay salary for a professor senile enough to give all the third-years “C”s on one of their tests. Or at least, not full salary.

Giving his grey tie a pat to confirm the stability of its knot, followed by a light brush of a finger over his mustache, Bellamy picked up his suitcase (combined with a touch of wizard-space, it was his preferred method of transporting documents and anything else needed for his work) and opened the door. No sooner had he crossed the threshold than a young voice addressed him, and he turned to see one of the first-years on the floor with an assortment of paper frogs hopping around her approximate vicinity, barring some that had managed to make it down the far end of the administrative hallway. Uninterested in engaging with one of the more immature first-years prior to his breakfast (yes, he remembered her from the Opening Feast, and had not been impressed by her behaviour then nor since), Bellamy frowned down at her and opted for a scolding tone, which he had become more practiced at since being put in charge of children far less obedient than his Mona. “Where are your robes, Miss Philpott? If you persist in refusing to wear school attire, there will be consequences.”

  • Looking for a resident - Georgina Philpott, Tue Sep 25 15:53
    Gigi had been four years old when she had stopped living in a school not dissimilar from Rocky Mountain International. Her parents had both been teachers, and they juggled their classes with looking... more
    • Of which you are not, and shouldn't be here. - Deputy Headmaster Fell, Tue Sep 25 21:01
      • I'm not crossing any boundary lines - Georgina, Fri Sep 28 13:53
        Deputy Headmaster Fell had less personality than anyone Gigi had ever met. He lingered, hovered and loitered, overseeing his domain like an especially sanctimonious meerkat. He had a resting... more
        • Some would say otherwise - Deputy Headmaster Fell, Sun Sep 30 19:11
          As always when forced to acknowledge the existence of poorly behaved children (an unfortunately frequent occurrence since his arrival at RMI, though hopefully his efforts not to simply ignore them... more
          • Some would say To Hell with you - Gigi, Mon Oct 1 05:12
            Georgina would confess that Fell docking House points was a surprise - she’d assumed he was all talk and pompous moustache - but the far more delightful discovery was that he used his hand to air... more
            • Fortunately, I do not have to listen - Deputy Headmaster Fell, Thu Oct 4 21:13
              Had he been asked he would have denied, if untruthfully so, a moment of surprise mingled with disappointment when the girl began to agreeably pull on her robes. Both emotions were short-lived: the... more
              • Fortunately, neither do I - Gigi, Mon Oct 15 16:43
                Of course Fell would bring up the Aussie and the medic, and totally gloss over her point about all six senior staff roles being held by men. She only refrained from rolling her eyes because grown ups ... more
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