I'm going to have to politely disagree.
Wed Sep 26, 2018 21:02

Darlene didn’t remember sitting down, but it occurred to her now that she was in a chair, pushed down into it as if the weight of the information presented was simply too great for her weak little knees to handle. A sister older than Amelia? This was just… ludicrous. Absolutely impossible.

But Mr. Tennant had information about her, a file with her name and reports on her year and House (Lyra, just like Darlene) and even a marriage. She thought she recognized the name Espinoza, but just as a pureblood family of noteworthiness from, what was it, Puerto Rico? She certainly did not know a Chino as her brother-in-law.

“You’ve never heard of her?” He was gentle and compassionate, and she hoped her blossoming relationship with her real father would find him to be a man like Mr. Tennant.

Darlene shook her head sadly. “This doesn’t make any sense,” she uttered with clear confusion and frustration. “There must be a..a mistake somehow. Why wouldn’t I know her? Why wouldn’t my mother have-” She stopped the sentence abruptly, realizing that maybe it wasn’t so ridiculous a notion for her mother to keep things from her. She’d hidden the identity of Darlene’s father for fourteen years, so was this really beyond the range of Amelia Knight the elder? The Lyra didn’t know. “Am I allowed to see her file, or is that confidential?” she asked timidly. She had come for answers, and now what she had was more questions.

  • My records are never wrong - Garen, Sun Sep 23 21:47
    To Garen’s distinct surprise, Darlene’s reaction was closer to that of someone who had just seen a basilisk than of someone who had just found a resource for her genealogy project. She sounded... more
    • I'm going to have to politely disagree. - Darlene, Wed Sep 26 21:02
      • I disagree with your disagreement - Garen, Sat Sep 29 10:22
        Garen was at a loss. He knew the Knights were That Kind of pureblood family—the kind that promised children’s hands in marriage; the kind that disowned its members for minor transgressions; the kind... more
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