I disagree with your disagreement
Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:22

Garen was at a loss.

He knew the Knights were That Kind of pureblood family—the kind that promised children’s hands in marriage; the kind that disowned its members for minor transgressions; the kind whose involvement in violent crimes was rumored but never supported; the kind like the DeMarcos. But what kind of people did this? He agreed with Darlene: it didn’t make any sense. The first conclusion he came to was that, for whatever reason, Alexandra had also been disowned or made to disappear. Darlene had known about Amelia despite her early death and Olivia despite her disownment, but for some reason her parents had hidden her oldest sister’s very existence from her. Why?

It wasn’t just that Alexandra was no longer in the Knight family—that was par for the course with families like hers, wherein the slightest transgression could result in exile. But in this case, the family had apparently also ensured that no one with which Darlene came into contact mentioned her eldest sister. Garen had broken the thirteen-year streak.

If he could help Darlene further, he would. Garen reviewed the documents in the folder. The file mostly contained paperwork from Alexandra’s time at RMI: things like disciplinary notes and end-of-semester reports on her class performance from each of her professors. Some of this was sensitive enough that Garen didn’t feel comfortable letting Darlene see it—but her sister’s grades and teacher comments from over a decade ago weren’t confidential. After withdrawing a few pages, Garen slid the open folder across the table to Darlene. It wasn’t much, but he didn’t have anything better.

Wait. He should. Pointing his wand at his bookshelf, Garen summoned the yearbook from Alexandra’s seventh year. He flipped through the pages until he found Alexandra Knight’s photograph. Her name and a note that she was the seventh year representative for the SGA were written below the moving image. Garen rotated the book so that it was facing Darlene. “This is Alexandra.”

  • I'm going to have to politely disagree. - Darlene, Wed Sep 26 21:02
    Darlene didn’t remember sitting down, but it occurred to her now that she was in a chair, pushed down into it as if the weight of the information presented was simply too great for her weak little... more
    • I disagree with your disagreement - Garen, Sat Sep 29 10:22
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