Deputy Headmaster Fell
Some would say otherwise
Sun Sep 30, 2018 19:11

As always when forced to acknowledge the existence of poorly behaved children (an unfortunately frequent occurrence since his arrival at RMI, though hopefully his efforts not to simply ignore them would pay off over time by reversing the currently high ratio of miscreants) Bellamy permitted himself five seconds of appreciation for his own daughter. Thank God she had been brought up properly. He had been a bit concerned at the time of his divorce that the enmity between himself and her mother might affect Mona’s own idyllic, well-mannered behaviour. Even if that did not, he had worried his ex-wife’s obvious moral inadequacies could transfer over somehow, diminish her societal success in the present and/or future. Fortunately, Mona had been old enough at the time that her persona seemed to remain consistent, and although she was legally entitled to alternate living with both parents, she still didn’t express much interest in spending more than brief visits with her mother and [s]the bastard[/s] half-brother.

Georgina Philpott was now toeing the line of outright disrespect by means of challenging his own attire, all the while putting on a tone of voice that he was both reasonably and justifiably confident in assuming was intended as fake innocence. Bellamy thus permitted himself an internalized sigh at her immature method of confrontation, followed by a three-second extension in order to reminisce about his prior workplace, where everyone was over the age of twenty-five and dressed exclusively within a narrow range of three-piece suits to formal robes. At least here, where there was an established dress code and people too ignorant about the ways of the world to care for following it, he had both the option of and power to penalize such uninformed decisions.

A paper frog hopped over his shoe, and he adjusted his stance to step on it. “Ten points from Aquila, for enchanting frogs outside of Professor McKindy’s supervision. I am aware this was not one of your Spellwork assignments. And an additional ten points for failing to complete ‘getting dressed’--” the words were paired with slight quotation marks from his free hand “--before venturing into public spaces. For your future reference,” Bellamy went on, disinterested in engaging in further back-and-forth and continuing over whatever protests the girl may have begun to express, “should you choose to wear business attire, such as a suit, that would be far more appropriate. A girl of your age should not be wearing something so… vulgar.” Yes, the text on her shirt was, if read literally, of no offense, a fact that he was also reasonably and justifiably confident in suspecting that she would try to argue for next. However, the implication was there, and furthermore she was baring her stomach. In his opinion, that was inappropriate for a mere eleven-year-old at a swimming pool, let alone an eleven-year-old standing outside the personal rooms of her school’s administration. “Your robes, please.”

  • I'm not crossing any boundary lines - Georgina, Fri Sep 28 13:53
    Deputy Headmaster Fell had less personality than anyone Gigi had ever met. He lingered, hovered and loitered, overseeing his domain like an especially sanctimonious meerkat. He had a resting... more
    • Some would say otherwise - Deputy Headmaster Fell, Sun Sep 30 19:11
      • Some would say To Hell with you - Gigi, Mon Oct 1 05:12
        Georgina would confess that Fell docking House points was a surprise - she’d assumed he was all talk and pompous moustache - but the far more delightful discovery was that he used his hand to air... more
        • Fortunately, I do not have to listen - Deputy Headmaster Fell, Thu Oct 4 21:13
          Had he been asked he would have denied, if untruthfully so, a moment of surprise mingled with disappointment when the girl began to agreeably pull on her robes. Both emotions were short-lived: the... more
          • Fortunately, neither do I - Gigi, Mon Oct 15 16:43
            Of course Fell would bring up the Aussie and the medic, and totally gloss over her point about all six senior staff roles being held by men. She only refrained from rolling her eyes because grown ups ... more
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