That’s a clever trick
Tue Oct 2, 2018 21:57

Garen listened attentively as Vivica answered his question. The mention of thinking about kissing Drew momentarily jarred him, but Garen managed not to show his surprise. He guessed Vivica hadn’t made the connection between his and Drew’s shared surname by her she’d casually mentioning thinking about kissing Drew. Well—that was probably good, that Garen’s role at RMI didn’t necessarily precede Drew, although the counselor had an automatic protective reaction to Vivica’s words.

Garen’s growing suspicion that Vivica was describing an unusual manifestation of accidental magic was strengthened as she continued to explain her experiences. But surely that couldn’t be the case. She was only eleven, and to do magic like that unintentionally… well, Garen didn’t think it was possible, but he didn’t know enough about this branch of magic to be certain. Aaron might know. The point was that Garen’s suspicion fit what Vivica was saying. It explained why she wasn’t having these thoughts about her family when she was at school, and it explained why she was having different ones. Distance would make it impossible for her to use Legilimency on her parents, but it would enable her to perceive the thoughts of those around her. As for Drew—well, if Vivica had shared a class with the third-years, then Darlene would have been in that same classroom.

“It makes sense. Vivica,” Garen began, carefully, working to keep his tone open and casual. He wanted the first-year to know that she wouldn’t be judged or punished for whatever she might say. “I’d like you to try something to help me figure out what’s going on. Could you please tell me what you think I’m thinking about right now?”

Garen was not particularly accomplished in either Occlumency or Legilimency. In fact, his most recent (to his knowledge) encounter with these fields of magic, a couple of years ago, had involved him deliberately letting Aaron read his mind. Fortunately his current goal was very similar: he wanted to see if Vivica could accurately tell him what he was thinking about. It had to be something very specific and unlikely, so she couldn’t guess by chance.

This time he focused on a recent memory of wrapping Christmas presents with Madeleine. His nine-year-old daughter had been very insistent about wrapping her presents herself rather than putting them in gift bags or letting Garen wrap them for her, as they had done in previous years. Madeleine had been especially adamant about wrapping her gift for Dade, who had joined them for the holiday along with his sister this year and for whom Madeleine had refused to share gift credit with Drew. The gift-wrapping outcome had been… a bit unorthodox. But Garen had introduced her to hiding wrapping paper sins with festive bows, and Madeleine seemed pleased enough with the result: specifically, she had said that the bow tied it all together, and then laughed at her own pun. Garen did his best to focus only on this memory, making it as accessible as possible rather than shielding his thoughts in any way. Hopefully this would work.

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