Deputy Headmaster Fell
Fortunately, I do not have to listen
Thu Oct 4, 2018 21:13

Had he been asked he would have denied, if untruthfully so, a moment of surprise mingled with disappointment when the girl began to agreeably pull on her robes. Both emotions were short-lived: the surprise because she had yet again opened her mouth, once more demonstrating why it was that children should be seen but not heard (and, preferably, not seen, either); the disappointment because although it would have undoubtedly served her well to have further disciplinary measures taken, Bellamy was not yet so versed in the role of educator to be certain what actions to take. Not all forms of punishment were as mathematical as point-deducting. To rationalize any course of action sans numbers would require some effort, and he didn’t think it would be prudent to ‘pause’ an unruly student until he had had enough time to reach a conclusion.

“Language,” he reprimanded tightly, aware that this almost certainly would not accomplish anything with Georgina and all the tenser for it. This tension was not helped by the girl’s accusatory tone - as if he had any input to the current year’s administrative roster. Hmph. Hopefully would next year his reports would be taken into consideration, but he was disinclined to have even one obstinate first-year view him as sexist. So long as the best person for the job was in place, Bellamy had absolutely nothing against women being in roles of authority. It was hardly his fault that the best person often turned out to be male. “Selective arguments will not get you anywhere in life, Miss Philpott. I doubt that Professor Blair-West or Medic Rocamboli would appreciate being excluded from your limited perspective of women’s roles.” Estelle was not an ideal example - she seemed to dislike him intensely, and he had no idea why, and would prefer not to engage with her even in conversation where she was not present - but she was a much better example in this context than, say, Cindra Embers, whom he believed to be entirely oblivious about the class she had been hired as Professor of.

“Furthermore,” Bellamy continued, watching her critically to ensure she actually completed dressing into her robes, “presentation is about how others view you. Your expectations for where you will end up in life should not matter; you should always make an effort to dress higher, not lower.” Georgina was not yet a teenager, and they were in a school environment, so he would not go so far as to suggest that in her present attire, sans robes, she risked being seen as suitable only for a lower-class job in the pleasure industry. The reality was that she was only a child and no one in their right mind would view her that way. But the reality also was that if she was comfortable dressing this way in school, she had likely already presented herself in such a light to the public beyond school walls, and the abnormal characters making up that public - a disturbing thought indeed. “Regardless of that, however, as long as you remain a student at Rocky Mountain International, you are expected to conform to school policy, and that includes dress code,” he concluded firmly. “Now…” He gestured down the hall, indicating that it was time for her to leave to breakfast, or indeed anywhere else.

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    • Fortunately, I do not have to listen - Deputy Headmaster Fell, Thu Oct 4 21:13
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