Professor McKindy
In that case, I'll imitate a three-toed sloth
Sun Jan 22, 2017 21:44

When Francine referenced a Patronus as a comparison point for Animagus work, Aaron smiled a little ironically. He actually had never managed a full corporeal Patronus, for whatever reason. He was an exceptionally talented wizard and could do nonverbal and wandless magic, had become an Animagus, and could even do Legilimency - but couldn’t manage a spell that most fifth year students could master. He supposed it would be very easy for Francine to cast a Patronus; she was one of the more talented students at Spellwork, and Patronuses were just a defensive application of advanced charms concepts. Sometimes students who were less well-adapted struggled with the charm, but for all her eccentricity Francine seemed to have a fair number of friends and was close with her twin, at least from what Aaron could discern.

The seventh year decided to demonstrate her current mastery of wandless and nonverbal magic for him, and Aaron was pleased with what he saw. Mouthing the charm was a bad habit that he would make sure Francine got rid of, but overall it seemed as though without much help (they had never combined wandless and nonverbal magics in class), that the blonde girl sitting in front of him had picked up the most basic of spells. That was good.

Of course, it was a little less good when the stack of papers came tumbling down as Circe distracted her.

With a wave of his wand, Aaron neatened the stack again, and laughed as Francine pointed out that her weakness might be focus. That had never been Aaron’s personal issue, but he’d managed to coach students through it. Focus and self-discipline were two things that had always come naturally to him, and arguably why he’d become such a powerful wizard at a relatively young age. He had waited until his late thirties to become an Animagus not for lack of ability, but rather for lack of interest. If his daughter hadn’t shoved him off into Sadi’s mountain cabin to ‘get in touch’ with himself, it honestly probably wouldn’t have happened. But Aaron had figured if he was going to spend some time doing that sort of nonsense anyway, he might as well go the whole way and become an Animagus. And it had turned out well, aside from some minor disappointment and subsequent hiccups resulting from his form.

“We can work on focus,” Aaron said. It might be one of the easiest first things to work on. “There are a number of places we can start, but that can be one of them. Do you have any idea the path you’d like to take, from what I’ve just described to you?”

  • Despite how amusing and adorable she found the quiet frog chorus behind him to be, Francine did her best to listen to Professor McKindy as he talked. She was very glad to hear his morning was good,... more
    • In that case, I'll imitate a three-toed sloth - Professor McKindy, Sun Jan 22 21:44
      • Huh, I thought you were a collie? - Francine, Mon Jan 23 22:06
        Francine was glad Professor McKindy seemed pleased with her little demonstration, or at least, he definitely wasn’t angry. It occurred to her after the fact that maybe she shouldn’t perform magic on... more
        • I can still impersonate whatever I want! - Professor McKindy, Wed Feb 1 17:44
          Nonverbal charms were probably the place to start, and Aaron nodded when Francine suggested that. Transfigurations were often more difficult for students for some reason, although for him it had been ... more
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