Vivica Dixon
I liek tricks. I keep them in my drawer under my bed.
Tue Oct 9, 2018 09:00

Mr. Tennant wasn’t calling for assistance and straight jackets so that was a good thing, but Vivica was taken aback when he asked her to try and tell him what he was thinking. ‘Mind reading, really? Isn’t that science fiction and stuff?’ She hadn’t even considered mind reading a real thing in either the muggle or the wizarding word. That could be dangerous. Everything from bank account details to governmental codes was potentially at risk, and there was no way of knowing who could do it!

Vivica sat back and half expected the counsellor to suggest that he was only kidding or making a joke, but when Mr. Tennant offered no further quips to the end of his request, Vivica realised he was somewhat serious. ‘What if Mr. Tennant was reading her mind right now?’ ‘How on earth am I meant to read his mind?’ Vivica thought of all the hollywood-esk ways of doing reading people's minds that she’d come across: fingers on the temples, staring into his eyes, hand on the forehead, probes ‘probably not appropriate in this situation’, sumbersion, the Vulcan mind meld. All of those methods involved an action. Mr Tennant hadn’t moved from his chair, and considering he seemed to know what he was doing, this meant that Vivica could do it from where she was sat ‘oh god, he can read my mind!’

Vivica sat up and looked at the counsellor sitting opposite her. Her mind was surprisingly quiet considering the task at hand mind. Having focussed her eyes on the part of his forehead that met his nose, Vivica looked through Mr Tennant. She felt somewhat silly sat there, just looking at a man’s head trying to guess what he was thinking, when all of a sudden Vivica heard a distant laughter. The laughter surprised her as she looked towards the door half expecting to see other students standing there, mocking her. Reassured there was noone making fun of her, Vivica readjusted herself and again focussed on Mr. Tennant. This time the laughter was a little louder, and she heard it quicker than before. It wasn’t a voice that Vivica recognised. It was a girls voice. A young girls voice, as far as she could make out. As Vivica started to feel her unblinking eyes go dry, she slowly shut her lids and saw a bow and heard laughter again. Vivica sat back and took a big breath. “I heard… laughter?” She said, questioning herself. “And maybe I saw a bow.” Vivica’s voice sounded very unsure, “I think there was a young girl laughing at the bow.”

  • That’s a clever trick - Garen, Tue Oct 2 21:57
    Garen listened attentively as Vivica answered his question. The mention of thinking about kissing Drew momentarily jarred him, but Garen managed not to show his surprise. He guessed Vivica hadn’t... more
    • I liek tricks. I keep them in my drawer under my bed. - Vivica Dixon, Tue Oct 9 09:00
      • Trick or treat! - Garen , Wed Oct 31 13:30
        Well. That was all the proof Garen needed, then. It was too specific to be coincidence: a young girl laughing at a bow had to be Madeleine wrapping Christmas presents. The counselor had never heard... more
        • Mr. Tennant didn’t even appear to pause to think about it. A Legilimens. There it was. Vivica had a label, whatever it was. Vivica didn’t know how to react. She was numb. She’d spent the last couple... more
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