Fortunately, neither do I
Mon Oct 15, 2018 16:43

Of course Fell would bring up the Aussie and the medic, and totally gloss over her point about all six senior staff roles being held by men. She only refrained from rolling her eyes because grown ups really didn’t like that sort of thing, and she could tell she was already walking thin ice with Fell. She liked to antagonise the staff but she wasn’t hoping to land herself in detention for a few moments of entertainment. That price was too steep.

Her comments about sexism in staffing now thoroughly dismissed, Fell was lecturing Gigi about the art of presentation. She straightened her stuffy, dull robes while he droned on, and made very little effort to stifle a yawn that brewed as a result. It was still true she hadn’t had breakfast yet, and all the charms she’d already cast on origami frogs, along with having to stand around and be admonished by someone who’d only been here as long as Gigi had herself, was draining energy she had not yet had chance to replenish.

“So, conform to authority, hide my personality with colourless, shapeless uniform,” Gigi pinched at the fabric of her robes for emphasis, “and accept that men will always tell me what to do,” she recounted insolently. “Gee, Professor Fell, thanks for the pep talk.” Gigi scowled at him and pulled her bag more firmly over her shoulder. She stalked down the corridor, not giving the unscrupulous vermin another glance. She wasn’t really mad, but she sure as hell was going to complain loudly about Fell where Blair-West could hear her, and she’d be telling Rob about the points docking, and right now she was going to find Kaye and ask the upperclasswoman where she could get her hands on a pair of those insanely outrageous boots.

  • Fortunately, I do not have to listen - Deputy Headmaster Fell, Thu Oct 4 21:13
    Had he been asked he would have denied, if untruthfully so, a moment of surprise mingled with disappointment when the girl began to agreeably pull on her robes. Both emotions were short-lived: the... more
    • Fortunately, neither do I - Gigi, Mon Oct 15 16:43
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