Trick or treat!
Wed Oct 31, 2018 13:30

Well. That was all the proof Garen needed, then. It was too specific to be coincidence: a young girl laughing at a bow had to be Madeleine wrapping Christmas presents. The counselor had never heard of accidental, continuous Legilimency, but magical theory wasn’t his wheelhouse. It sounded possible.

“Vivica, I think that you’re a Legilimens,” Garen said. It was a somewhat obscure branch of magic, and her parents were Muggles anyway, so of course they wouldn’t have been able to figure out what was going on. If Vivica hadn’t known about she received her RMI letter, it made sense for her to assume that the thoughts were coming from herself, not from the people around her. “Legilimency is a type of magic that allows the person using it to look into someone else’s mind. Most people have to learn it and practice, and it’s considered difficult, but it sounds like you’re just naturally good at it.”

Maybe good at it was a stretch—if she wasn’t able to control when she was doing it then that could hardly be considered good. What Vivica needed was someone who could teach her how to block other people’s thoughts: a sort of reverse Occlumency that would allow her to protect herself from her own Legilimency. Garen wasn’t sure that that existed, either, but surely there was a solution. Vivica shouldn’t have to be bombarded with other people’s thoughts and feelings and desires for the rest of her life.

Garen knew of at least one Legilimens on staff, although Aaron didn’t tell people about his Legilimency skills. Garen only knew because—actually, he wasn’t quite sure why his husband had decided to tell him. Something about Madeleine. Explanations were not Aaron’s strong suit. Regardless, Aaron was a private person and so Garen hadn’t mentioned his husband’s abilities to anyone. But the counselor wasn’t sure that there were alternatives at RMI. The most likely candidate for experience with Occlumency and Legilimency should be the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, but given the professor in question, Garen wasn’t sure she would be up to the task. Her credentials were sufficient, and he thought she was getting quite good at her job, but Legilimency was not a requirement for teaching the class. Best not expose anyone to Cindra’s thoughts, anyway.

“Do you mind if I talk to the rest of the staff about this, to find someone to teach you how to control it?” he asked Vivica. “Hopefully, that’ll give you the option to make the thoughts and voices you’re hearing go away when you don’t want them.” He hoped that having her mind to herself was what Vivica wanted—Garen wasn’t sure how to deal with the potential invasion of privacy that would result from having a Legilimens in the student body, regardless of whether or not she received training.

  • Mr. Tennant wasn’t calling for assistance and straight jackets so that was a good thing, but Vivica was taken aback when he asked her to try and tell him what he was thinking. ‘Mind reading, really?... more
    • Trick or treat! - Garen , Wed Oct 31 13:30
      • Mr. Tennant didn’t even appear to pause to think about it. A Legilimens. There it was. Vivica had a label, whatever it was. Vivica didn’t know how to react. She was numb. She’d spent the last couple... more
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