Mostly treats (tricks are hard to come by)
Fri Nov 2, 2018 18:55

Mr. Tennant didn’t even appear to pause to think about it. A Legilimens. There it was. Vivica had a label, whatever it was. Vivica didn’t know how to react. She was numb. She’d spent the last couple of years convinced she was talking to herself, or worse, hearing voices. But now Vivica was presented with some sort of a genuine explanation, yet she felt just as confused. Vivica didn’t know whether it was a good thing to be a legilimens or not. Were there lots of people like her at the school? Were they listening to her thoughts? She immediately found the prospect quite daunting. What would her friends think? ’...Well, in theory, I could find out for myself’. Would her professors treat her differently? ’...I could easily steal the answers from the professors minds - though that would be wrong’. Of all the thoughts rushing around her now busy head, the reaction from her peers was the one she fixated on the most! She thought herself a social butterfly. Well, moth. She enjoyed others company, but if her friends thought she was trying to read their minds, surely they wouldn’t want to be around her. This troubled her deeply.

Considering Mr. Tennants desire to sort additional council and implement it around, what would assumedly be extracurricular activities, Vivica drew the conclusion that it wasn’t the norm. Vivica somewhat spaced out, could only look blankly at Mr. Tennant and mutter “yes” to his request ‘to find someone to teach you how to control it?’. She was still very much in the process of overthinking it.

’No magic. Magic. Legilimens. I knew I wasn’t crazy… but a mind reader? ’

Time stood still. Vivica continued staring into space, processing what was laid before her. Sorting through the timeline of recent history. The doctors. The meds. The crying. The voices. That incident with Aunty Beryl (though that was funny). In a weird, misty sort of way it kind of made sense. Just like pandora’s box often did, having looked into the it and understood what was in it, It also presented more problems that it would solve (at least in the immediate future). “I don’t want people to know.” She affirmed. “Other than the professors. I mean. I don’t want the other students to think I’m spying on them. I’m not, I don’t mean to!” Vivica’s voice becoming flustered. “What about my parents. Do I… you have to tell them now?”

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    • Mostly treats (tricks are hard to come by) - v, Fri Nov 2 18:55
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