How about a quick turn around?
Tue Nov 6, 2018 19:33

Anssi was the closest thing she had to a sibling. Kaye never wanted a brother or sister. She’d never begged her parents to get another child, never tried to make deals, never really brought home stray pets either. She’d always been perfectly content being Just Kaye. Her parents were, too. Her friends came and went; most of them didn’t last long. But something about Rocky Mountain International changed things.

She still didn’t want any siblings of her own, of course. That would just be stupid. An eighteen year age difference? No, thank you. But she did want friends, whether or not she’d admit that out loud. Why else would she spend her time writing letters to Holland and Danny every so often? Things felt weird after the year above her graduated, but at least some people were still there, like Emmett. And Anssi. Anssi, who was upset and crying because he apparently knew that Ruben had cheated on her and felt bad about it.

The fact that he knew had been news to the Aquila. The only thing she knew about it was what Ruben had told her, and she hadn’t given him the chance to tell her very much. Even his many, many letters didn’t have any more information, just apologies that she was pretty sure he meant. Ruben wasn’t someone who’d apologize and not mean it. She just couldn’t decide if she was ready to hear it. And she was afraid of the conversation they’d have to have if she did.

“The hell? Of course I don’t hate you, Anssi.” Kaye grinned a little. “You’re impossible to hate.” She squeezed his shoulder. Why was he so upset about this? Well, besides learning that his hero wasn’t exactly heroic all the time, she couldn’t imagine why Anssi was so hurt by all of this. All she wanted to do was hold him or take him for ice cream or something. Poor kid.

“Anssi, I didn’t even know that you knew until right now,” she admitted. “Ruben didn’t tell me. I mean, I walked away before he could give me many details, but… I dunno. All I know is that he made out with some guy.” She hesitated before deciding to ask the question. After all, Anssi brought it up and said he didn’t want to not talk about it. Might as well go big or go home, and she couldn’t go home yet. They still had several months until graduation. “How did you find out?”

  • And long overdue - Anssi, Sun Nov 4 17:03
    Wiping his eyes had made a damp spot on his sleeve, but he had not yet thought far ahead enough to shuffle his sleeve around his wrist and switch to a dry spot, so he just kept smearing the salty... more
    • How about a quick turn around? - Kaye, Tue Nov 6 19:33
      • I'm still dragging my feet - Anssi, Thu Nov 15 15:04
        ... oh . So Ruben had not told Kaye that he knew. Anssi had not been sure either way, but it felt like a bit of relief, both the part of knowing now for sure and the part of knowing Kaye had not been ... more
        • We'll catch up eventually - Kaye, Mon Nov 19 12:45
          Yup, it looked like they were talking about it. She made a pact with herself in the moment that she wasn’t going to cry. Kaye hated doing the emotion thing, and she definitely didn’t want to do it in ... more
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