Huh, I thought you were a collie?
Mon Jan 23, 2017 22:06

Francine was glad Professor McKindy seemed pleased with her little demonstration, or at least, he definitely wasn’t angry. It occurred to her after the fact that maybe she shouldn’t perform magic on the contents of his desk. Or, y’know, any of his possessions in his office, although she sort of wanted to try it on his kitten now, just to bring the little fluffball up to her lap to be loved. Except she would’ve especially had to ask before casting a spell on his pet. She could’ve just bent over and picked up the cat, but that also probably required permission. Also, bending.

“Ummmm,” Francine trailed, thinking things over. “Well, I guess we should start with nonverbal charms.” She thought charms would be easier than transfigurations, and she was more interested in nonverbal than wandless in general. For someone so very chatty, she felt it would be more rewarding to be able to cast spells without that verbal safety net. Her wand was an extension of herself in the way it was for all witches and wizards, but being nonverbal in anything would be more of an accomplishment.

“I might change my mind when we’re closer, but I don’t think I want to do the ritual thing,” she added, shifting forward slightly. “I think I wanna be surprised by my form at the end, when all the hard parts are done. It’ll be more fun that way, as long as I don’t get too impatient.” She was also a bit turned off by the term ritual, which she felt made magic feel much too mysterious and experimental. It was a stigma she was sure she hypothetically could overcome - after all, plenty of the magic she’d done up to this point probably counted as “ritualistic” - but for now, it made her a hair uneasy.

“Does that sound okay?” Francine checked. She glanced down again at the kitten who still seemed just enthralled by her shoes and just couldn’t resist. “Also, can I pet your cat?”

  • In that case, I'll imitate a three-toed sloth - Professor McKindy, Sun Jan 22 21:44
    When Francine referenced a Patronus as a comparison point for Animagus work, Aaron smiled a little ironically. He actually had never managed a full corporeal Patronus, for whatever reason. He was an... more
    • Huh, I thought you were a collie? - Francine, Mon Jan 23 22:06
      • I can still impersonate whatever I want! - Professor McKindy, Wed Feb 1 17:44
        Nonverbal charms were probably the place to start, and Aaron nodded when Francine suggested that. Transfigurations were often more difficult for students for some reason, although for him it had been ... more
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